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Long time reader who finally decided to make an account. Student at NC State University, and lover of games.

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How generous. This is great news.


I wouldn’t expect a price drop anytime in the near future. With the shortage of consoles, meaning consistent demand, I don’t see a reason for a price cut. Especially as the cheaper of the ‘Next Gen’ consoles. Maybe some good bundles.

That being said, it will be a while before there are some serious platform exclusives. Sure, there are some great multi-plats (i.e. Destiny, The Division) coming up, but not too many exclusives. So you might not need to jump in anytime soon anyways. Who knows what the market will be like a year from now.

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I think I’d rather pick up one of the many local Craigslist listings, where I can purchase an Xbox One with an extra controller and 2-3 games for ~ $500-$550.

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I will say, despite this particular xbox one bundle not being too great, that I would rather place my purchase at Costco simply to support their positive business practice. Especially in comparison to Walmart.


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I think he’s simply implying that the sales tax on Amazon, which wasn’t present before, is courtesy of legislation passed by my state. (Thereby involving politicians) While this is unfortunate for myself as a consumer, I do understand that it levels the playing field for local small businesses. Which I do support. Sadly, the number of ‘small businesses’ that feel these benefits are vastly out numbered by the corporate giants that surround them.

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Yeah, seems like it isn’t too great. And by that, I mean horrible.

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This is pretty tempting. Although Costco has the Titanfall bundle plus; an extra controller; 12 months of LIVE subscription; and a media remote all for $619. I’m not sure which is better.

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Depends on where you live. In my state (sadly) there is now tax on Amazon. /crying

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