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Despite the popularity of our comments, there is no change in sight.

No matter where it is discussed, people are simply told "Don’t like it? Go to another site." This is the new Polygon. No "Today I Played." No "Friends List." No "Speed Run." No "Press Reset." No "Human Angle"

THIS is the new Polygon. Don’t like it? Go to another site.

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You mean like:
Jade Raymond
CEO of Ubisoft Toronto

Or maybe even a grouop dedicated to promoting female gamers under Ubisoft Payroll:
Frag Dolls

Or even Aisha Tyler who presented for Ubisoft at E3:

Yep Ubisoft sure does hate their women. It’s such a joke that people have gone down proving complete ignorance of the company’s history.

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It always was.


Uhhh where are you getting your info?

Comet was a male lead off the Atlantic Coast (Piratey) on 360/PS3/PC.

Unless Ubisoft did an about face after E3, which would likely lose them MORE customers than any manufactured controversy because, well…. people want another AC4 but NOBODY wants a Vita.

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I will say this, those games look far more unique than D:OS. And that’s why I posted this topic to begin with.

I was wondering if, from the perspective of people who are ACTUALLY familiar with the PCRPG genre whether D:OS is unique in any way.

Perhaps the reason it is flying under the radar is because to those who are not new to the genre… It looks as generic at the first two titles.

Kinda like how Skyrim was praised up and down for its uniqueness when in reality it was a STEP BACK (mechanically speaking) for the genre.

It also doesn’t help that this is the third game in a series that, let’s face it, comprises of AT LEAST 2 quite awful games.

I’m still holding out the possibility that this one is different, but so far not much has been presented as convincing.

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It’s tough to take your review seriously when you say “it shows the way forward for RPGs” then you name many attributes of RPGs that have been around largely since 1998.

Not that that’s an entirely BAD thing, Baldur’s Gate was a fantastic game for many of these reasons, but so far D:OS isn’t paving the way for anything.

I will keep your comments in mind.

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That’s… actually NOT what Ubisoft said.

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I laughed when people thought the announcement trailer was in-game footage. The movement was way too smooth (not to mention the PS4/X1 isn’t capable of anything close to that.)

THIS is gameplay footage, and it seriously looks jerkier than normal.


I agree. Giving people options is a terrible idea.


Have you played released games lately? My guess is they suck at their job.


50% Always Sometime Never Maybe Definitely Sort Of a possible guaranteed scam.

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Early access is a fantastic system- much like kickstarter. ALSO like Kickstarter is how much it is abused. Don’t Starve did it right. Lichdom did it right. State of Decay did it right. You just need to be smart about it.

If you were burned by Early Access… That’s on you. Period. It is an option for people who are okay with playing an early product in hopes to help the small development teams with launching the game.

This has been a HUGELY popular thing in the MMO genre for a while. Preorder and get beta access. A LOT of people love it. And those that don’t? Buy it at release.

I don’t see the problem here other than people wanting Valve/Sony to protect them from their own poor judgment.


This is where people are just…. blind.

Flashy Graphics + Cutscene trailers = DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

When a company tries luring you in with flashy pretty shiny things and hype they’re covering up for something else. In this case, that the game sucked.

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Exactly. No matter how long I wait, I will never know whether I will like it or not. So why NOT pre-order it if I plan on getting it early?

Here’s the thing though: Only preorder games you know you’ll like. For example, if I had a PS4 I’d have Pre-Ordered Infamous:Second Son. Why? I effing LOVED 1 and 2. I Pre-Ordered Dead Rising 3. Why? DR1/DR2 are two of my favorite zombie games.

Even IF DR3 ends up being the worst of the series, but even as the worst it’s still a DR game and therefore amazing.

That said, I pre-order every Nintendo title I’ve ever purchased pretty much. At least with them, you know what you’re going to get.


I miss Friends List, Today I Played, and Alexas recaps.



….you do realize it has been 3 games since the DRM issue right?

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Funny… But if you knew what you were talking about you’d know that AC4 fractured the player base and play style of the game.

Splitting them into two separate entities isn’t milking. It is giving both fan bases what they want.

But don’t let my facts get in the way of your ignorance. Have fun with it.


The original announcement said Comet and Unity will both be PC. Polygon just rarely likes to acknowledge PC so far as to calling games "Exclusives" despite being on PC.


ACR and AC3 were terrible. I’m sure most fans of the series would agree to SOME extent.

As a fan of 2 and Brotherhood, I wrote the series off entirely as well until I got 4 for free with a video card purchase. 4 was by far my favorite.

I don’t think Ubisoft knows what made 2 and Brotherhood great, and it shows until they gave up and changed gears completely in 4.


ACB had some important plot points that couldn’t be skipped. Especially outside of the Animus.

ACR had zero point to it.


Its existence was announced. Its contents were leaked.

It’s a ship based game off the east coast of the US.

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If it is aimed at bringing newcomers into the genre then it is nothing like Monster Hunter at all.

It is more like Crystal Chronicles.

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Find and Replace
Find: World of Warcraft
Replace: Everquest

WoW has pioneered nothing. Ever. Their game copied their predecessors more than other games have copied them.

Your point still stands. The Everquest model is getting stale. But credit should not be coined to WoW where WoW didn’t invent.

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It is tough to not copy WoW when WoW copies everything that works from other MMOs, and ignores that which doesn’t work.

From Mechanics to Architecture, you can draw almost everything in WoW back to another Game prior. I’d be surprised if Warlords DIDN’T take a lot of ideas from GW2. And history books (so to speak) would give WoW the credit for coining those ideas.

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