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Legally, I don’t think you’ve ever owned a game (or any software for the matter). You’re always buying licenses – it’s just that it wasn’t easily managed until now.


I’ll throw my 2 cents in here as well.

First and foremost, I found the beta to be a lot of fun. This is definitely a Bungie game. It’s Halo meets Borderlands meets Mass Effect. The loot system is Diablo-like which I love. I wish you could customize your weapons like in Battlefield 4 but I’m ok with the “upgrade” system. I assume crafting will eventually play a big part in this as well.

The story itself is pretty good – it’s not something completely new but it’s told very well and I’m excited to learn more about the Darkness. The quests were a little boring – at least the free roam quests were – but playing with a friend changed all of that.

PVP definitely needs a lot of balancing. The BIGGEST issue I have with the game is the weapon balancing. I love using the hand cannon (revolver) but why on earth does it do the same exact damage as the assault rifle? If that’s the case, why don’t I use the assault rifle all the time? Or any other faster firing weapon that has the same damage? Same goes for the special weapon – I love sniping, and had some good hits in PVP but the shotgun and fusion rifle are better for the maps we were playing.

That’s my biggest issue so far -


And I’m not sure where the different classes play in terms of play style/weapons – I did not see anything that indicates that a certain class has benefits with using certain types of weapons. I was under the impression that the Hunter was supposed to be the pistol/sniper character – obviously it’s not the case – nothing in the skill line (lvl 8 or 15) says that there are any weapon enhancements from skills.

I think the Golden Gun skill is the weakest of all the class specials I saw. The Warlock and Titan could both kill an entire team in 1 hit while I could only kill 3 people at most, if all my hits connect. It’s a 1 hit, but so are the other class specials.

So all in all, Destiny is going to be the console game I dedicate time to with my friends for a while. I love the game and I truly hope Bungie fixes those balance issues for the release so that people can have fun with their play styles/favorite weapons.


This is all great – I’m a huge Halo fan, the story at least – it’s played a big part of my childhood so this excites me. As someone who’s read all of the books, I think it would be better to explore the origins of Master Chief in a TV show rather than new stories to connect to the new game.

For example, a TV series of following John to when he was taken as a kid all the way through spartan training and pre-Reach events. That would be awesome. Either way I’m excited for this as I loved Forward unto Dawn


Those guys are going to get more tail than a toilet seat.


this is cool – when I played this on PC, I got burnt out on it just before hitting max level. I’m awaiting the Xbox One version – it would have been a great game to have on the console for the summer. They better hurry up because Destiny doesn’t cost me monthly + there’s more games coming out between Sept and Nov than I know what to do with.

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