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This is a pretty good example as to why I think donating to kickstarters, especially for video games, is a bad idea.

It does start to raise questions of when this almost becomes fraudulent. These guys must have known they couldn’t deliver this project on KS finds alone (and of they thought they could they’re morons, no two ways about it). In fact, a statement from someone essentially said the game was shit so yogscast wouldn’t cover it, the yogscast no covering it meant they had no way to drive preorders, no preorders meant their shitty game stayed shitty and that cycle repeated until the plug was pulled. But that all means they knew full well they couldn’t deliver what they promised at their KS goal (or double it as the case may be).

Regardless of the legal parameters set forth by the dev or KS or anyone else, it’s hard to see that as anything but a scam.

To me, game related KSs don’t make any sense, unless whomever is running it can give a realistic breakdown of scope, resources, budgets, etc,
The only time I support a KS is when it’s for a physical thing from someone with an actual business plan – I make whatsits, I need $15000 for a whatsit machine to make more whatsits, if I make $15000+n ill buy an even better whatsit machine. Now there’s a KS I can get on board with.


I don’t think there’s a phrase in gaming today that makes me lose complete interest in a game as fast as “free-to-play”.

I was interested in seeing what Bleszinski’s next game would be (granted i have very little urge to play another broshooter) but that interest has completely evaporated.

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