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Hey everyone! Thank you for the awesome comments! I know not everyone agrees with this philosophy (see Mr. Dent’s admonishment of us on twitter) and I think it’s definitely a valid point of view to “know your shit.”

But, guess what? You go from “not knowing your shit” to “knowing your shit” by doing, creating, and constantly pushing yourself to be better. At some point you’ll realize there’s always more to learn and that someone is better than you at everything and you’ll face two choices: stop because it’s pointless or just go for it because it’s what you want to do and you’re going to have fun anyway.

If you want to make games to express yourself, be creative, and have fun then there should be nothing stopping you from doing it. Maybe, after time and hundreds of attempts, you can turn it into something that actually pays. Who knows? But the process of getting there is incredibly fun and rewarding.

So, again, thank you for reading and for every opinion that I’ve encountered here or on-line somewhere. I’ll never claim to be an authority on any subject (not even myself) and this approach will definitely not work for everyone but it’s what’s helped me get where I am and how I’m hoping to continue progressing!


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