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Nope. Been there, done that, in the short term there is no explicit statement of expectations, but should the contact with the charitable individuals persist, it tend to expose those expectations.

There are exceptions, some people are just nice.

Another big factor tends to be the PvP aspect of other games. Even your teammates may be seen as enemies if the slightest weakness in their performance may mean you will fail. Competition tends to bring the worse on people.

MMOs tend to be cooperative environments, so it tends to be slightly friendlier, outside of high risk raids.

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You still don’t get it, this article is about the harassment, less women are in the video game industry because they don’t feel welcome here.

I never gone this personal on these forums and I will likely never ever do this again but here it goes:

I still remember my first and last time in Xbox Live. I got home very happy with my new Xbox Live kit for the original Xbox, in addition to a used game I bought just to try things out: Return to Castle Wolfestein.

First session:

  • Log in and start a random game (or however it was called.)
  • Young kids mostly in the room.
  • As soon as I said a word, the kids would not stop “are you a girl?”
  • They would not stop, and I honestly did not know how to respond.
  • The whole session was about them being shocked at a girl being in the room.

Seriously, the game went nowhere. They stopped playing and we just got killed, because they were simply too shocked at that rare sight in the room.

The second game:

  • I log in a random match and say “Hello guys”
  • One guy replies saying the following:
  • Look at your controller.
  • Look for the button with a start label under it.
  • Press it.
  • Once the window comes up, select “quit game.”
  • Everyone laughs.

I was angry, spiteful and also about to cry out of anger. I didn’t quit the thing. I was new so I was in no position to just show them “how good I was” so I just stayed around in the room and doing the only thing I could do to spite them: feeding the other group.

After that I quit the game, and gave the headset to my dog. I never logged into Xbox Live again, ever. To this day I avoid online games like the plague, with MMOs being the only exception, always with text chat, [almost] always playing a male character. From what I hear, that was a wise choice, because it gets much much worse than what I experienced.

Honestly, the content never alienated me, the players did. But then again, I always had a video game hero growing up: Samus. NES Metroid also happened to have been my first video game ever. I don’t mind violence or objectification in some games. Prostitutes in Deus Ex flirting with the protagonist? I may not like it but they are part of many metropolitan city, and are something that fit in such a messed up world. I do am grateful the game never even offers the player the opportunity to accept their services.

More than content that avoids all traces of women objectification, I would love to see more games, some that just stay away from excessive objectification, violence and gore. That is one reason I love Nintendo games so much. It did not hurt to be able to play all of Mario 3D World as peach. But I can’t, with a straight face, be entirely against women objectification in games. I had a crush for a long time on Sephiroth and Tidus, after all.

I just would like a bit more parity when it comes to game content and diversity. I would appreciate more female protagonists and character customization. Saint Row 4 is still one of my favorite games because I was actually able to create myself in game, extra pounds and all. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed GTA5, just because of that. Still wish GTA5 have had a female protagonist, since they went with the whole character swap mechanic… but I digress.

I also would like games without violence, or at least with non-bloody violence. As nice as it may be that the Tomb Rider reboot is out there, the level of gore and violence in that game makes it something I would not give a young girl today to fill the role that Metroid filled for me as a child. I would love for more companies to try and create their own Samus.

Anyways, I gone too long here.

TLDR: women surely don’t feel welcome in gaming communities and we don’t want censorship of games, we just want more games that are not aiming for the teenager boy’s wallet. At least I do.

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It would be a bigger PR nightmare to release information without a warrant. Its best to follow the existing procedure.

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If this was a male, this would have started and ended at questioning the validity of a review and never gone past that. Even then it would have not made a big splash.

Instead this case extended into sending nude photographs and making the developer’s intimate life public.

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So I can, too, make giant leap between unconnected and unstated points?

No one (but you) has stated that ignorance or immaturity are excuses for any behavior. Claiming that using the words on for anyone that does those, is as silly as claiming that we cant use the word “crime” to describe jwalking and murder.

Just because the act that was seeded in the ignorance and immaturity was a harsher one, does not automatically mean the person is a mature and intelligent being. These actions are all seeded on ignorance and immaturity, and it is essential to understand this if you ever want to change anything.

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Zoe Quinns situation would have never happened if the developer was a man. Every branch of that tree of events is seeded on the fact that Zoe is a woman.

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There is a legal process for that. Law enforcement, with a warrant, can request Twitter to hand over any information they may have that leads to the person that posted the threats. They just need a warrant first.

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Your logic jumps are baffling. You must be using a trampoline or something.

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This, exactly.

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Is murder immature?


Are we saying only kids perform violent acts or make threats?

That is a huge jump from my statement. Immature statements and actions are very often committed by adults that have just no maturity. Claiming those actions are not mature, is actually pretending they had a well thought out and logical reason behind their threats or actions.

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Just because a threat is considered immature does not mean it is not considered a serious threat. At the end of the day, an ignorant person with a gun is deadlier than a trained assassin with a bazooka.

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Trust me, we are not.

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Threats are immature, no mater the age of the person that throws them around.

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We are not the minority.

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I never realized how childish this community really is, and how they are so over protective of “their games”.

Do not judge the entire community on the actions of a loud minority. Most gamers are not like this. You should know, since you are here, and likely you are a gamer with gamer friends.

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If caught, they likely will.


I think it is very clear: between Game Circle and the Fire TV (with a gamepad) and their acquisition of Double Helix, Amazon is doing a big push for the gaming market.

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