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Aspiring games journalist. Associate Editor at Front Towards Gamer. Senior at North High School in Bakersfield, CA. 17 years of age.

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Olli Olli is awesome. I definitely think the hype is valid.


Completely eliminating toxicity can only be done by muting everybody. My point is that I’m willing to deal with unpleasant people for a proper text chat.


I totally acknowledge this point. I’m just saying I’d rather deal with the occasional “toxic” person and be able to talk to my opponent.

To a lot of people it’s not worth it.

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Right click on your opponent’s portrait, or (I’m guessing) hold down their portrait on iPad?

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Well, yea, there is no “need” for a lot of things. But I think the game would be better if I could say more than 6 things to my opponent. Even more emotes that express a wider range of speech would be valuable to me.

As far as full-fledged free speech, obviously people would use it to be toxic, but others would use it to discuss the match. Obviously Blizzard thinks the muted approach is better in the long-run, but I’d still enjoy it.

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Nintendo’s online community problems are more complicated than people being angry because they can’t use hate speech.

Example: Shuhei Yoshida being suspended from the Wii U online service for saying “I love PS.”

That’s against their ToS, and that’s dumb.

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While I appreciate Blizzard’s approach, I’d rather they discourage toxic speech by punishing those who practice it, rather than muting everybody and calling it a day (I know, friends can text chat, but I’m referring to random opponents). Take away the voice from those who only want to trash talk. Or perhaps, add more emotes? I like the current lineup, but they don’t cover everything I’d like to express to my opponent during a match.

The nice thing about the Mage is that it’s comparatively easy to make a good deck with it. Flamestrike, easily the most devastating board-clear for its cost, makes Mages a pain in the butt to face (not to mention Polymorphs and Mirror Image).

It has a plurality of great spells, and the fact that you can bring in two of each means Mages specialize in deconstructing what the opponent has spent the prior 10 turns building. So as the opponent, you end up trying to bait them into using their good stuff early so you can actually do SOMETHING without it being immediately crushed by one spell. It’s my least favorite class to play against, right up there with Paladin.

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I’m surprised to hear a lot of people get out normally, there is usually way too much shit exploding to want to walk out into that lol.


A very interesting perspective. A fine line must be walked to achieve the F2P model that you guys are going for, and here’s hoping you pull it off!

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Interesting piece for sure. Also didn’t know that Bakersfield (born and raised) is considered one of the most religious cities in Ca.

Though, it makes sense. There’s a church on practically every block here.

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Obsidian. The guys who did South Park: The Stick of Truth, Fallout: New Vegas, and Alpha Protocol are now making a F2P Tank Warfare MMO.

Gotta give em credit for keeping us on our feet.

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