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I’m not a developer, so Android might be nothing like this, but I imagine hitting a handful of devices on iOS 7 is a lot easier than making an app for hundreds of devices running all different forms of Android OS (I think less than 20% are on the latest build).

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It’s not about market share, it’s about profit. For some reason all these developers still think Android is not worth their time. I mean, ok I get it…some of us are cheap! But surely the other billion people that use Android make up for that.

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It means something could go down somewhere in some way at some point in time, SO LOOK SHARP!

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About 2 or 3 weeks ago Jeff on the Giant Bombcast read about 3 separate e-mails from clerks claiming they still have launch stock of the Xbox One. It’s really hard to take anecdotal information like this seriously, but it’s kinda crazy stores have launch consoles still on shelves 4 months later (if true).

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The gameplay looked a little slow to me

Same here. It’s hard to tell these things on off screen footage but it does seem to be running at 3/4 speed.

Hell either way it’s SERIOUSLY impressive they managed to cram this entire game on to the Vita.

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It’s Microsoft’s new super viral campaign.

“That games journalist is shooting a video! QUICK RUN OVER AND TALK ABOUT THE XBOX!!”

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