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Indeed at the moment it feels like the biggest barrier beyond persuading people to try it, is the hardware, particularly the gpu necessary to drive it. Currently the recommended gpu is a GTX770 that in itself costs as much or more than the DK2. However for some games not even that is enough and you’re looking at a GTX780ti or Titan and probably the new GTX880 when they hit, but those are all premium gpu’s that could easily cost twice the DK2.

This is just with the DK2 resolution, if the CV1 is 1440 then depending if the game is fillrate limited there might not currently exist a gpu that can effectively drive it without considerably lowering a games graphic options.

In many ways it feels to me that the rift is ahead of its time in terms of the tech needed to drive the experience, its probably many years before gpu’s get fast enough to not make them an issue. That is unless gpu manufactures start to look at methods to greatly lower the load, which may be possible since effectively you are rendering the same scene twice.


Have to echo other comments here and say this has disappointed me greatly. Loved the first AS and have been eagerly awaiting a follow up.

Don’t understand the why they have diminished the combat, sure it was hard to be good at, but button mashing could easily get you through most fights, it was just a few bosses, that would often throw a wrench in the works e.g. the first one having such an over-powered range attack that forced you to play in a different style to everything the game had taught you up to that point.

This has pretty much gone from a must have to a wait and see, maybe rent, maybe even not bother with at all game ;(


I disagree the carpet bombing method is perfectly feasible and ‘acceptable’ for live streams, its just that it would require substantial investment in hardware and would most likely increase latency.

It doesn’t matter if it misses the start of the music, just as long as it starts muting as soon as it can in order to please the RIAA. They also don’t care if that means it then punitively disables audio for the duration that the music can be detected or simply black it out for 30 minutes (though the 30 minutes appears to be more due to how Twitch might be storing VOD’s than simply an arbitrary value)

That’s the problem, if any copyright group holders demand that this system is applied to live-streams, Twitch will have no recourse not to oblige now. They’ve already admitted liability that streams infringe copyrights by applying it to VOD’s. Honestly they have backed themselves into a corner and taken everybody else with them.

Note: I do not agree with the steps that Twitch have taken, although they were going to have to do something about the streamers who simply broadcast copyrighted music over the top of games, to me this has just been the worse possible approach. Like many others have suggested I would have favoured trying to come up with a revenue sharing model or even would have backed them if they had tried to take it through the courts to get the seriously outdated copyright laws amended.


Great feature, but would love to see something more in-depth. My only issue was that it would have been nice to have more commentary from someone who was familiar with the original game and to have seen what, if anything happens when you attack a space station ;)

It has peaked my interest in actually getting onto the beta. The cost isn’t much more than current console games rrp and i’ve been waiting almost 30 years to return to this franchise. Of course I suspect this would also mean investing in a flight-stick too ;)

In fact I went out dug out my old Spectrum48k version from 1985 and took a photo of all the cool stuff you used to get with boxed product , including ‘Ship Identification chart’, Keyboard chart, short novella (The Dark Wheel) and the infamous lenslok copyright protection.

What was the gameplay like using the Oculus ? By which I mean the old Elite games used nearly every key on the keyboard to control the ship and its functions (Heck on the Spectrum 48k it came with a keyboard overlay), how does that translate to using the Oculus with keyboard/mouse or gamepad?

I’d be quite tempted to pick up an Oculus to use with this game, but while i’m sure the experience would be greatly enhanced, I’m fearful the interaction would suffer not being able to see the keyboard. Even in the video you posted the guy playing had to occasionally use the keyboard despite having a wealth of buttons and switches on the flight sticks.

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First they say ‘however, original in-game music will not be flagged.’ then later ‘We do intend to flag copyrighted in-game music that’s in Audible Magic’s database’. So which one is it?

I can understand there might be a subtle difference in terms of games like GTA that use licensed ‘pop’ music which are bound to be in this database verses original game tracks, however as it has been shown in-game music is being flagged (e.g. game soundtracks) and sometimes when its not even been added to the database (Crypt of the Necrodancer)

Sounds like the system is even more messed up than they realise if they intend this to only affect ‘pop’ music that is licensed in games, because these days OST’s are in these databases too.

Not sure I believe them when they say it will never be applied to live streams. I see no reason why they can’t or wouldn’t do this in the future, not least if people are still breaking copyright streaming songs whilst playing.

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and since there is no actual DMCA notification, it’s just muted autoamtically (at least as far as i’m aware of from the current reports), how does one file a ‘counter-notification’?

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