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I am a Journalist for five small news papers in Illinois along the Mississippi river north of St. Louis. I mostly cover the governmental entities in the area, but from time to time I dabble in features where I feel my best strengths actually lie.

I am a gamer, a former barista, and love music of all kinds. Follow me on twitter @BCrossen

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These are pretty insane. I think the first person one has a lot of potential for races and skill maps. Reminded me a little bit of surfing in CS:S and CS:GO.

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I’ve found this game incredibly difficult myself, too. I’ve gone in multiple directions from Cyseal only to be clobbered by the enemies I’ve faced there. I’d reload to try a different area only to get massacred again. I wasn’t able to win a battle until I placed the game on easy.

Maybe it has to do with getting a cleric and a wayfarer as my starting classes. It’s very difficult to do much in a battle without having area of effect spells, and I imagine a cleric is much better suited to be paired with a knight or fighter.

In any case, I restarted the game to choose different classes and focus on their attributes better, and the game is much more manageable than it was before, but still incredibly challenging.

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To be fair, you cannot beat Gannon without her in most games as she gives you the light arrows to conquer the final foe, but I do see your point.

That being said, I find Zelda to be almost more bad ass than her Sheik transformation in Super Smash Bros. That side air is devastating if done correctly.

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I think one thing to remember with this debate is the difference between sex (biological associations) and gender (cultural identity tied to a particular sex). As far as we know, Zelda’s sex is always female whether she is Sheik or herself. That doesn’t mean she can’t assign herself a gender identity of male when dressed as Sheik as that does not change her sex.

Alas, I’ll defer to Nintendo on the matter.


To add onto the mounting problems of the WiiU, I would also argue that Nintendo cannot hope to sell a new console successfully without releasing either a Zelda or Smash Bros. game. I know plenty of people who want to play the next installments of each of those franchises, but will defer their purchase until those games are released and the review hype has them craving to play. I’ll be interested to see the numbers for the WiiU this holiday after Smash finally hits store shelves to see if this is the case on a larger scale.

Selling hardware is as much about distinguishing the hardware from other hardware as it is about utilizing its most meaningful software brands to sell that system. People buy a system to play a certain game, and unfortunately, there haven’t been the right games to sway consumers on the WiiU just yet.

Say what you like about Mario, but it’s just not cutting it for this generation of gamers to purchase a whole new console. You need Zelda or Smash to sell this system, not another game for a brand that is over-saturated on Nintendo hardware. A new Mario game each year is hurting that brand in the long run just like yearly installments of other AAA games.

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