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I'm just a Web Developer that happens to love Anime, Manga, TV Series, and Books. I'm carefree most of the time, and for the love of god don't take my comments seriously. Chillax~

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I'll be back

What did she see? Click to find out... no ragrets now, that young man will give you hope... wait...

alt-text :’)

If you manage to arrange a SASRT play together let me know in advance :o

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Well guys, I’m out. (I wasn’t really back :( but thanks for the welcome!)

Have fun!

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I’ll process that request later I guess :O

Which series is that? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the girl in the left somewhere…

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In oppai? :O …kinda nsfw

I won’t be for long though… also we need to do a SASRT play together in the future. I’ve been itching to play!

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Yea… honestly Toshiro is one of my favorite captains, and like Rukia he was also treated poorly in Bleach (not enough screentime, no many great fights, etc)

Also I was under the impression that Woady thought someone already had access to WSJ of next week, which is why I said it doesn’t work that way. WSJ goes out in Japan then they proceed to scan it. And yea… like you I’m a cheap prick as well :D


Yeap. The best thing about this series is that it makes you want to become Benio’s little sister, wait…

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You know I just noticed that you are a moderator… they should give you a Senpai title though ;-;

Congrats though :O don’t go insane!

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They aren’t pirated… it doesn’t work that way D: (although it would be awesome, kinda)

By him you mean who exactly?

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“b-but I liked it” ね? right?

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As for Naruto: I’m expecting the start of a wrap up next week after this week chapter

Bleach… Yes, he is milking every bit of it. The fights are more fun and they haven’t focused on Ichigo that much so that’s a plus. I just wish he did that like… 120 chapters ago D:


I’m waiting for The Devil is a Part-timer myself…. (which I forgot to add to my post). I’m still sad that they just decided to go the comedy route for the hell of it cutting off a lot of drama from Emilia and eh well… I’m used to it anyways ;-;

Seriously… Emilia facial expression animation is over 9000 of awesome.

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It’s hard on Captain Earth… it had everything going on for it and somehow they missed all the opportunities…

I forgot to add that I watched Engaged to Unidentified. It was sort of disappointing at the end but oh man the animation was soooooooo good especially with Mashiro. It’s a fun series, just don’t expect much from it!

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My brothers and sisters (if there’s any)!

I hope you guys are doing okay. I have been tackling some of the backlog. So far with short blunt impressions:

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (OVAs) – It’s weird to see Tenchi becoming Chuck Norris. I couldn’t get into this, not one bit. The first episode was actually quite nice, it seemed to have a direction then after episode 3 everything fell apart (bland stuff)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – It’s pretty fun, yet it kinda gets repetitive when it involves manga stuff…

Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne – Ugh…

Barakamon – Probably one of my favorite series this season. Tamako is love, Tamako is life! It’s your usual slice of life comedy, I’m expecting incoming drama after last episode… let’s see how it goes.

Fate Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILYA 2wei! – If there’s anything about this series is that no one should ever catch you watching it. Lolis and hardcore shoujo ai, that is all.

Captain Earth – I gave up… I can’t do this anymore weeps

 Himegoto – 11/10 would watch again! Woady loved it! Hehehe… sort of NSFW I guess

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! – A mix of “meh” and “okay” I guess…

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! – Don’t do it.. it’s not worth it. weeps

Shangri-La – I don’t even know what it’s about anymore. It still has nice visuals I guess.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha – Go for the manga if you want more. It’s a typical RomCom manga. I’m still going through it so hopefully maybe I’ll finish it today or tomorrow.

Mushishi Zoku Shou – One of my favorites. I still feel that this season recycled some bits, but, it was the first time ever that they touched Mushishi’s plot (2 episodes special) so I wonder if they’ll go there. I wish :(

Finally Log Horizon 2 … :D

I see that Woady is becoming best girl in Plight. Please don’t bannu me ! I’m a peaceful penguin

Oh yea, Naruto!

Finally reaching to a conclusion. About goddamn time, I feared the battle was going to extend when Kakashi got his sharingan from Obito. I think it’s becoming a bit clear that Kakashi might go for it and become a Hokage before Naruto does—that’s good if you consider that Naruto still needs more strategy experience… I mean shadow clones can’t save the day, everyday… geez…

Bleach It’s like I thought, Orihime never existed I kid. I kid… don’t hit me!

I’m not quite sure what to think of it besides characters are all dying out. Soul Society are LOSING a lot captains and vice captains. Does it matter? Not really… Now if you think about Shunsui’s words about Ichigo not coming back then I’m guessing he’s gonna live all his HUMAN life in Soul Society and then die there just to be reborn and live there forever? D: Dunno, it makes me wonder though.

Well, that’s it for me. I’ll be around a few hours today and tomorrow :]

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