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It’s really unfortunate that Halo 5 has to be on the Xbone though. Very unfortunate.

Trying to come up with a way those statements don’t make you sound ignorant… failing…


Man I am still bummed about how bored of this game I am. I got tired of it so quickly even though I loved it :(

Don’t be. All games aren’t for all people.

Heck even if you love a game you can get burned out on it. Too much of a good thing and all that. After putting 100+ hours into Skyrim I never touched it again and that was before any of the DLC came out (which I never ended up playing because I was burned out).

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destructible environments to get along with would certainly make it enjoyable.


The “environment” is what the pilots use to zip around the map, remove that, even a portion of it and it tips the balance in the Titans favor…


However, I’m worried that it’s not going to get a whole lot of support from the industry.

Good thing PAX is about more than AAA console/PC games or traditional video games for that manner.

Plenty of indies and board game creators/producers need exposure year round. And lots of gaming enthusisasts don’t have a local gaming group so PAX South is still going to be huge for like minded individuals to hang out.

The press probably doesn’t need to bother going since it’s being held at an awkward time of year, just after the holiday sales season, but then again PAX is really about the fans (or at least it used to be).

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