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What do they call downloadable titles then?

Call them games?

I mean now that all retail games are available for download on consoles it doesn’t make since to ghettoize games by putting an “arcade” label on them. Especially when the scope of XBLA games began to fluxuate with some titles having as much content as their “full retail” counterparts.

I guess if you NEED to label them call them “digital-only”


Well PS4 is getting H1Z1 which I won’t be able to play on my XB1 so I have to settle for the PC version.

Who knew exclusive zombies games that weren’t Dead Rising were going to be a battle ground before this generation started?

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The game isn’t lacking when you can’t play against friends?

Online card games with much smaller budgets launched with that feature out of the gate…

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I feel like the first Witcher game might fit into this category, although I don’t know if I would call those “relationships”…

Would Mass Effect be consider Harem-lite since it forces you to commit at some point?

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It’s really unfortunate that Halo 5 has to be on the Xbone though. Very unfortunate.

Trying to come up with a way those statements don’t make you sound ignorant… failing…

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