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The problem I see with Patreon is it generates the issue of too much content – well funded people develop the need to justify the backing, meaning you get a constant stream of content just to be seen to be producing content, rather than a well planned, well thought out article or product.


Didn’t Tomb Raider: Underworld try the ‘on-the-fly-calculated animations’ idea and it ended up looking very ‘uncanny valley’ whenever Lara was climbing and running up slopes?

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They say in the article that the built their engine around the problem.

For Ubisoft to do the same for Assassin’s Creed would possibly require them to totally rework their engine.

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I still watch the trailer every so often. The way the music starts to ascend as Starscream does that flip-transform, before cumulating in Prime’s big reveal (with the fan-service G1 transformation effects)…

If only the movies were that good.


You can’t legitimately use that Toronto Sun article, given the God of Beef says that Dark of the Moon was the ‘best script ever’ – He was selling the upcoming movie, which was even worse than Revenge of the Fallen.

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