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Hey, good answer. They saw the awesomeness that is DayZ, they saw its insane success, they decided to make their own version of it on their already existing PS2 engine. Nothing wrong with that, when they are honest about it.

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I love this film so much. With 5th Element and Leon, Luc Besson will always be one of my all time favourites, even if his recent output does not match. This was awesome tribute. “Multipass!”

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It is pretty funny. When they showed the original reveal, they were saying all “we have new engine with next-gen in mind, PC is lead version, we are improving graphics in every way, new lightning engine, blah blah blah”…. and I was thinking to myself “huh this does not look impressive at all…nice dynamic shadows, but otherwise it looks almost like DS1 and lightyears behind Witcher 2, let alone 3…”

And then the game comes out, and it looks even much worse than that initial, already unimpressive, reveal.

Granted, it is still a great game and I will be getting the PC version. But all their talk was really just that…talk. Next time From/Namco, do the walk too, huh ?


Sweeney is amazing. Seriously, these guys. Carmack, Sweeney, now Palmer Luckey..I love ’em.
And I am super happy they are supporting Steam Machines. It is amazing concept, high-end open platform for a living room. Even if I already have a PC in a living room, it just is not mainstream this way. But Valve have a shot at changing that.

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Cool. More Cryengine games, the better. Star Citizen and Kingdom Come already looks amazing.

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