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The hug. Holy shit.

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“She’s not going to bring the DPS you need.”

and then my lunch came out of my nose

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Hmm. Close one, but I’d have to say the xbox one and ps4 look best.


I’m 100+ games in (99% as support), and I’m still struggling with this. It’s so hard to afford the upkeep stuff AND the items you need keep your hero in the fight— especially when you’re the only support in a pub and your team isn’t rolling.

It just sucks when you’re sacrificing farm and glory for the team, and some Nature’s Prophet is yelling "NEED WARDS!!!!!!!" Need a lot of stuff, bro.


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。☆ 。☆。☆
      ★。 ☆ ★

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I’ve been watching the newbie stream whenever it’s up. Purge is a fantastic teacher. I’ve played about 150 games, but there’s still so much to learn.

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This looks gorgeous. Is Arthur running some special weather effects or something? I run it on max settings and it doesn’t look like this.

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Especially if you don’t ask their permission. When they land, they land angry.

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I love the idea of rewarding creativity.

I played my first D&D (Pathfinder, actually) Campaign just over a year ago. Our DM was Ian, a level 24 unemployed half-halfing. He drew maps, assembled statuettes, and built detailed dungeon models with tiny working doors.

Our party was facing off against a demon-possessed cleric the ruins of a subterranean temple. We took turns rolling our attacks and very slowly chipped away at his HP. I was admiring Ian’s handiwork between turns when I realized that we weren’t just playing a turn based RPG. We were playing a tabletop game.

I pointed out the pillars. This place was old. Maybe we could knock one over. We distracted the demon while our she-orc wedged herself between the wall and pillar, and started pushing. The strength check passed,and the demon was smashed under tons of stone. After our session, I asked Ian he put the pillars there for that purpose. He told me that wasn’t at all how he expected the fight to end.

There’s a visual language in video games that tells us what we can and can’t interact with. If a pillar is highlighted, you can knock it over! If a door has a pile of boxes in front of it, you probably can’t open it. I started having fun in Pathfinder when I abandoned the video game mindset and remembered that in this world, EVERYTHING was interactive.

Other highlights included poisoning an entire colony of Kobolds, and using our halfling bard as a deadly projectile.

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Is this the long-rumored right turn mode?

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Their big minigun guy has the same asymmetrical armor as Evolve’s big minigun guy. I’d chalk it up to coincidence, but with Gearbox’s history of plagiarism, I’m not so sure.

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Kids React To The Long Tail of Imperialist Excess and Crony Capitalism

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Last week, I had to go to the hospital because I slept on the wrong pillow. My body is imploding. My only consolation is that I won’t be around to see these lil’ babies foraging for scraps and battling rats in the annihilated ruins of the American Empire.


All over the map. Now that I look at them all in one place, they are usually stupid pop culture references.

Orc – Barak Gro’Bama
Nord – Crom

Diablo 3:
Female Monk: Jackchan
Male Crusader: Huxtable
Male Demon Hunter: Cera
Female Wizard: Hecate

Human Wizard: Nihilus Crane

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