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The Xbox One has never outsold the PS4.


It is really aggravating that it’s not a cross-buy game. I don’t even have a Vita, but if it’s not PS3/Vita cross-buy it sure as hell won’t be PS3/PS4 cross-buy when the inevitable PS4 release comes out. Not buying anything Squenix releases until it’s out on PS4, basically.


No. Do not level dex above 40. Your points are better spent elsewhere.


This is salt and nonsense. Any reasonably put-together build can solo any boss. I beat the rat authority with a totally incompetent 25 str/26 dex build with base adaptability and an unupgraded black knight halberd. Took me about a dozen tries, but if a build like that can do it any build can.

Souls isn’t about builds, it’s about skill.


Both of the rat fights are optional challenge fights. They have zero effect on progression.


Oh, and if you’re looking for a nice meaty weapon that scales with dex, might I recommend the Murakumo? 20 str/25 dex requirement (the same as Drangleic? or maybe the str/dex are reversed) and an all around beastly weapon (190 base damage without any upgrades, A dex scaling and like 390 base damage at +10). The Drangleic Sword takes twinkling titanite and there’s much better stuff to use that on, but the Murakumo is a normal weapon.

Getting the Murakumo, on the other hand, can be a bit of a chore. . .


Use it on the woman. There’ll be more branches for that guy later. You get two in Harvest Valley alone.

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