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Well, if you don’t understand how science works, or understand what correlation is, then sure.

All you’ve done is change the goal post, for your argument. The origional is about general perception, and your argument further was working off of an ill defined usage of explatives, does it include oaths, swearing, cursing. there are 14 different types of expletives. Few of which are found in American.
These vague elments make it difficult to say always, but it does give enough to say mostly given that all categories, aside from religious, classical divinities, animals plants products and future life categories are associated with negative emotive expressions. In either case your origional argument is void, due to its bases being proven invalid.


I forgot to add the source:

Yeah and sorry for the double post.


Journalists, well at least professional journalists, have a code of ethics that controls their behavior, and as such they are always in some way censoring themselves. This is part of their code. The use of profanity, given the medium, probably falls under the lurid category of curiosity that ought not to be catered to.

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It is not an opinion of his, it is a common assumption and a field of study. Curse words and oaths are generated from a different portion of the brain, and are considered to be emotive, and mostly emotive of negative feelings. As such bagel is not incorrect in making this correlation, whereas your ignorance of the subject matter is saddening, especially boldly claming that “nothing whatsoever” backs up his initial claim.

On final note, your “evidence” is anecdotal, but If you do some research and look into the matter you will see that most of you asertions are not supported by scientific research.

Lancker, D. Van, and J.l Cummings. “Expletives: Neurolinguistic and Neurobehavioral Perspectives on Swearing.” Brain Research Reviews 31.1 (1999): 83-104. Web.


Some words are “bad” because we give them a “bad” meaning, and we associate a “bad” idea with them, so it is not the word that is the problem, but the meaning that we associated with that word. this is commonly referred to as abstract thought.

Also just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be a contraversial topic.

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Really am liking the sprite-work, reminds me of the later Mega Man X games and the Mega Man Zero series. Think I’m going to clean the dust off the 2DS, now.

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Fairies just saying that he doesn’t find himself/herself captivated by Mighty No.9’s aesthetic, and current gamplay reveals, but this game has them excited. Cool them jetz eabarth.


Spread the Knowledge, man! If I could recommend this comment more I would.

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