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Shadowrun Returns is really great! Particularly if you have an investment in the Shadowrun series. But on a time : value scale, it isn’t fantastic. You could go through most of it’s content within a weekend.

I haven’t played it personally, but if you have a lot of friends to play with, I hear really good things about Neptune’s Pride 2. Real-time strategy over the massive expanse of space, where games can take weeks at a time.

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In general actually, Good Old Games would be worth browsing. If you can stand the graphical fidelity of older titles, almost anything should be able to run, and there’s a couple of real jewels.

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Maybe look into the original X-Com, it’s not a looker and it’s got a pretty steep learning curve, but it’s a solid game, and you can pick it up for a fiver on Steam (or the complete edition for $15).
Shadowrun Returns ($15) is worth a look too. Ticks all the boxes of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and RPG. Should also be able to run on your Macbook reasonably, but it’d be worth researching, to make sure.
The original Deus Ex is also pretty fantastic, and only around 10-ish dollars. You can grab it on Steam and GoG. I’d be skeptical of Deus Ex: Human Revolution being playable though.
Otherwise another +1 for FTL.


Totally agree, EB Games is grosssssss. I try to avoid it as much as possible. But it is far more prominent, my closest Gametraders is 3 and a half hours away.

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Ever since GAME shut down, and everyone closed up shop in Australia, EB Games is the only remaining video game orientated outlet in most of Australia. No specific competitors past general electronic stores (JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smiths) or main stream retail shops (Target, Big W) exist.
In a large part of Australia, in you’re a video game enthusiast, Eb Games is actually your only option.

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