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This makes me imagine a “console” war over which manufacturer can get more adverts for their products into games on their competitor’s platform… which makes me smile.

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Regardless of the cover art, you’re still going to have players running around in shirts with ‘Xbox’ on when you play Seattle on the Playstation, which I find quite funny.


What’s the issue of paying for worthwhile content? Sure it wasn’t cheap putting this together.


I can only guess it was slowing people’s systems UIs down when they had too many so they put a cap on it. I think a general re-think of the core control of the UI needs to come along at some point.

I have some ideas of how it could be vastly improved, but maybe that’s a tangent for another post.


They do require a specific rhythm, but as you point out, the rhythm it is looking for is the natural, conversation phrasing of the term.

With the exception of “Xbox. On” which does need a pause between the two words, I have found every voice command is designed to work just saying it like you would say to a person.

People run in to trouble when they try and talk to Kinect like it is a non-English speaker or an elderly relative with hearing problems. That leads to an unnatural rhythm that Kinect does not recognise.

Most commands just need to be said normally and without effort, and then they work.

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As I use a stereo integrated amplifier rather than a receiver or the TV’s speakers, I don’t get to use Volume up and down. This is one of my remaining irritations with Xbox One – that we can’t programme our own IR commands. With the tech it is perfectly possible, but not implemented in the software.

I would suggest working at solving what it is looking for. Try saying “Xbox Volume Up” in a few different natural rythms.


Yeah you need that fullstop/period there between “Xbox” and “On” for the processor to wake up. Took me a while to work that one out.

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PS3 was not a success story. It was a train wreck that only recovered in the final third of the generation.


Yes, that’s why they did it, but that wasn’t my point.

Japanese people are very nationalistic. They don’t expect a Japanese company to make their market a second thought because others are more profitable and I doubt that went down very well with them.

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Well I guess that’s what they get for releasing elsewhere first. It sends a pretty clear message to their home market that they are not the priority.

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And have no fun.

People who treat fighting games as an invite to try and break your controllers (I.e. A lot of my friends) they get bored after a couple of matches. You try and explain to them how to actually play the game and they say “nah fighting games aren’t really my thing” despite the fact that they’ve made no effort to actually play it.

Imagine if people treated other genres like that – they’d never get into any games. An FPS and they twiddle both sticks around at random and hit all the buttons. A platformer and they hit the buttons and randomly press directions before deciding “this isn’t fun” and giving up.

No game will ever be fun unless you try to actually play it.

So stupid.

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