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All these video games aren't going to play themselves.

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Bummer. I loved episode 1 and 2, but found 3 to be a snore fest and it sounds like 4 is shaping up to be the same. But this is just one review and I bought the entire season, so of course I’m going to play it. I just think the magic of this game has worn off after 9 episodes now.

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If the situation was reversed, if a popular and well known female god (Athena, Venus, etc) had her gender changed to a man, everybody would be freaking out and wringing their wrists instead of celebrating.

Gotta love double standards.

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Since the BL2 package and the cheaper re-design, the demand has spiked. Obviously retailers weren’t ready for the demand, which was hardly there before. Most retailers probably only kept a couple on-hand, if that.


Okay so basically no girls allowed, because it would be really embarrassing if a girl won, because girls suck at video games.

Fuck this tournament.

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