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All these video games aren't going to play themselves.

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Pretty shady there, Bungie.

But whatever, dude is super talented and I’m sure he’ll have tons of other developers knocking at his door.


Yeah let’s just dig up grandpa’s corpse and play with that while we’re at it.

Wait, what?

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I’m just gonna say it: DoubleFine games are overrated garbage. So their endorsements mean jackshit to me.

Trenched was pretty good.

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Console MMO eh?


That’s cute.

Good luck with that.


Their official blog post says the expansion is delayed because of a “recently detected problem”.

Detected? Ever play your game? There’s weird glitches and bugs with every goddamn round I play. Recently detected my ass. You couldn’t fix what you wanted to in time, that’s why you’re just now telling the PC fanbase on the day the expansion is supposed to be available.

Their official blog post also says “quality is our number one priority”…which….just……


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In the grand scheme of “all your choices from all 3 games will impact the ending of Mass Effect 3” yes. Perhaps ME was a bad example, but you get my point. Smart ass.

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Beautiful review and layout.

I would still get this game if it scored a 7/10 just because I find the infamous games to be a blast. I’m disappointed that the moral choices are still so binary, and I already know I’m going to pick the “good” choices 100% of the time on my first play through, and the “bad” choices 100% of the time on my second play through, so they basically already mean nothing.

 I don’t expect it to be Mass Effect, but hopefully Sucker Punch can give these choices a bit more depth and consequence in a future iteration of Infamous (if any).

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