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By day: bringing newspapers into the 21st Century.

By night: indie game designer for Insurgency.

Website: Insurgency

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Maybe the BeardGrowing™ AI is hiding in plain sight.


You can ‘shoot’ a camera. You can also discover a story through a camera.

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Where are these terms of use stated?

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I’m sure the Facebook deal never would have happened if they didn’t have the VC backing, whom probably facilitated the idea to begin with and made the purchase happen.

I doubt existing Facebook people will start dipping their fingers into the Oculus pie. They bought a business so they could grow that business, and interfering with the Oculus experts would be a terrible move. It’s better when a company buys into an entirely new field and raises it independently, because they can’t absorb it into the existing corporate structure. They might flesh out the HR side of things, but Zuck won’t be walking in and start telling Carmack to integrate FB features just because he’s paying the bills.

It’s a smart move to buy up the potential of a new hardware market – especially for a company whose primary (sole?) source of revenue are advertisements. They aren’t going to eff it up with interference that everyone seems to anticipate.

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I wonder how many veterans Activision has hired.


Absolutely love this game. Every person, every job, every season matters. You care for the land and your villagers.

Of course, the imagination sees more ways to improve upon features, but considering it’s made by one person, what a tremendous feat.

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Yup, and Zuckerberg confirmed it.

Also keep in mind that Facebook is no longer just software. They are trying to leapfrog Apple and Google on the mobile front. It’s a big bet.

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Why are people immediately assuming there’s going to be a mash up of technology? Sure, they will be looking for cross-integration, but they would be doing that regardless. It’s probably more of a futurist business move to own a large chunk of what’s to come. Plus all the executive, VC, and government connections established now have something big at play to deal with. VR won’t take off with a mass audience until they can bring the cost down for consumers. Facebook hopefully will allow Oculus to figure its own thing out.

Oculus isn’t necessarily being ‘thrown into the same pot’ as Facebook. They can still be their own pot. It’s just now owned by Facebook.

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If they are going to make a return on investment, they need to reduce the device’s consumer cost in order to gain a mass audience. But I’m sure they’ll go for the b2b market while it’s still a luxury item for consumers.

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