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Oh. Well, that’s all I needed to hear. Those really fail to hold my attention for more than a few seconds. There really is too little to do in those…


EXACTLY what I was going to say to someone above.


I hope they have multi-recognition, so I can have a bunch of friends over and drink soda in front of a console, instead of playing games on it.


I always forget when I see a SOE title, that it’s not always on Sony consoles.

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Nice. You are basing your radicalized perception of this game to be a copy of (very good games) based off a tiny tiny article, and possibly the useless teaser trailer.

Good on you.

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I would really just recommend this video that was just released today by Extra Credits. Literally talks about the same thing as in this article:


Honestly, I just stream the game to my Vita. Would be nice to take it on the go, but the controls work perfectly as-is, and I’m not comfortable taking my Vita out and about. The only downside is the quarter-second audio lag you get when streaming any game to the Vita.

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Agree with long load times, and having to deal with the literal “weight” of guns and equipment really yielded no positive feelings. Often, I found myself being unable to craft ANY good gun that doesn’t have ludicrously excessive weight. But, then again, there’s a Sprinter Biomod.



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