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Christmas Yoshi for life.


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I mean. At least there was gameplay?

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Nintendo of America continues to be the worst Nintendo.


Boycotting something you evidently don’t have the option to use until it’s released in a way that you can use it is pointless. It doesn’t result in the loss of a sale for the company trying to sell it so it’s a zero-sum proposition.


This is awesome news. Smite is one of the few MOBA games I’ve really put a lot of time into and enjoyed playing. It also seems like it would adapt really well to a controller because of the skill shot emphasis. Not as precise as a mouse, of course, but still could work really well if implemented correctly.

Exciting stuff!

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That’s not a thing.

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Rest of 2014

New IPs (6)

The Evil Within
The Crew
Sunset Overdrive
Project Spark

New Games (24)

Madden 15
Prof. Layton vs Phoenix Wright
Hyrule Warriors
Sims 4
Forza Horizon 2
Super Smash Bros
Alien Isolation
Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor
NBA 2K15
NBA Live 15
Bayonetta 2
WWE 2K15
CoD Advanced Warfare
AC Rogue
AC Unity
Far Cry 4
LittleBigPlanet 3
Sonic Boom
Infinity 2.0
Skylanders Trap Team
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Remakes (4)

Sleeping Dogs
Pokemon Ruby/Saphire
Metro Redux

Probably missed a few things in there but I feel like maybe… Just maybe… your perception of this situation doesn’t quite reflect reality.


I think what everybody is trying to say is you shouldn’t make statements that indicate that your experience was universal. I’m sorry you had a tough time canceling your account but there doesn’t seem to be much evidence this instance was representative of the company as a whole.


Yep! Thanks for clearing that up for him. :D


Honestly what’s the issue if you don’t have to get a full subscription and/or dish with them?

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That’s true. If something is important enough to be said you should really find room for it in the main body of the text. PS just reeks of laziness.


The best way in recent memory to experience the difference is playing an hour or so of Mario Kart 8 with one/two players and then switching to three/four players. The different there is absolutely night and day.


GamerTag: YoshiNewb

Thanks thanks thanks.


Mushroom. Mushroom. Mushroom.

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The other bonus for preordering from GameStop are six “Power Cards for added game play,”

Pre-order bonuses for a Monopoly set?

Alright. I'm done.

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Okay. Yes. But let’s focus on what’s important.

Is the J. League in this time?!

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Owning games is still how 99% of people get games.

You say and assume everybody just believes you…

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I’m glad we seem to be reaching a real conversation here. Sorry for being snarky earlier!

At some point I feel like I’m going to start putting words in the mouths of Polygon staff and I’m kind of extrapolating from things Arthur Gies said during Press Reset but let me give this a shot…

One of the founding principles of Polygon was the re-emergence of the byline. Polygon has, in part, always been a personality based venture. I think that was probably the catalyst for shows like Cooperatives, Besties, and Friends List. We’re supposed to be getting to know the staff as people.

Though Polygon is, and always will be, primarily a video games website it is also a collection of individual personalities. Part of the hope, I think, is that by getting to know Chris Plante, Tracey Lien, Danielle Riendeau, Phil Kollar, Arthur Gies (and so on…) as human beings and more than just names on an article we can add subtext to everything they write. Instead of reviews coming from Polygon as some sort of ethereal, incorporated entity they come from real human beings. I remember reading Phil’s Last of Us review and knowing that I would dislike the experience for the same reasons he did because I had a sense of who he was and how his views about video games aligned with mine.

This article may not have been for you and I’ll agree that it’s relation to video games is subtle, maybe even flimsy, but I don’t think that’s really the point. Chris enjoys watching the Bachelorette and sees a relationship between that enjoyment and his love of video games. By telling us about that enjoyment he gives an insight to his personality and brings context to the website as a whole.

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Thanks! That’s nice to hear.

Consider this though: When you find yourself upset that a website isn’t exactly what you personally want it to be you could always just go to a different website.

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The article clearly related itself to video games.

Personally, I love it. I love The Bachelor the way I love great, open-ended video games that allow me to push the boundaries of a world and its systems.

The Bachelor has a similar vibe to a video game.

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’POLYGON’S 2013 GAMES OF THE YEAR’ they were all video games.

How DARE an online entity try to expand its horizons or change in any way!

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