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If the failures were massive (i.e. the multi-million dollar Kickstarters) they would make it on to the mainstream gaming blogs whether or not Kickstarter was willing to talk about them. The fact that none of the big Kickstarters have failed and many of the smaller Kickstarters seem to be successful as well is something I would’ve bet against a few years ago.

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I’m one of those people that was extremely wary of Kickstarter early on; but with the way Kickstarter is set up (i.e. with the backers taking on basically all the risk without any real guarantees of a final product) there have been a surprisingly small amount of Kickstarter failures. There have been a lot of games that weren’t as great as promised, but very few failures or outright scams.

People still definitely should do their research before funding a Kickstarter (the Yogventures Kickstarter had a lot of red flags) but I feel a lot more confident funding a Kickstarter now than I would’ve a year or two ago.


It’s mainly Street Fighter’s fault. It birthed the genre and was incredibly successful; because of that many modern fighting games assume that players have experience with SF and use that control scheme as a base to build off of.

There are fighting games that share less controls with SF, giving them a opportunity (which few take) to build a more accessible control scheme (ex. VF/DoA, Tekken, Soul Cal, MK, KI) but most of those fighting communities are tiny compared to SF and the other SF-based fighters so variants of that control scheme dominate the fighting game genre.

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MK8 is arguably the best MK game Nintendo has ever released (aside from the terrible battle mode and the psuedo-mirror tracks), it makes sense that it’s selling extremely well. I picked up a Wii U specifically to play it and 3D Land.

Now I’m just waiting for SSB, LoZ, and Xenoblade X.

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