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It’s a shame to hear Retro/Grade did so poorly. I bought, played and enjoyed the hell out of it. I wish the devs all the best on this game.

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I understand their perspective, but I can’t play Final Fantasy V on my Android phone after paying $16 for it because their DRM detects something related to my phone being rooted. My only option to play the game now, without massively modifying my phone, is to use a SNES or GBA emulator and pirate it.

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Honestly, games.

I’ve always supported Sony’s systems and I’ve been on the edge of getting a Vita for a while, but it just doesn’t have many games (particularly exclusives) that’d I’d want to play that I don’t already own on some other platform. Heck, I don’t even like Nintendo consoles and I picked up a 3DS recently for Bravely Default, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon (and their eventual sequels). I simply can’t come up with a similar list of games I’d love that are exclusive to the Vita (Honestly, where the heck are a new Monster Hunter and some Square-Enix remakes?).

With the way things are going, the Vita may be the first Sony console I don’t buy.

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The number of cheap boxes being released with incompatible games (Ouya, FireTV, Chromecast, GoogleTV, Vita TV, etc) is making the current set top box market seem a lot like the early console market.

I’m going to wait for some clear market leaders to appear (i.e. the NES of the set top box market) before buying anything.

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