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There are ways to portray women in war without going into violence against women. Call of Duty has done so in a respectful way – Kojima is definitely not in a lose-lose.

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You are drawing a false equivalency. It isn’t the same: men do not have a history of being sexual objects the same way women do. Furthermore, there are no women soldiers on the opposing side and men rarely find themselves in the same sexual position. Even in the demo shown, the soldier-decoy is dressed, saluting soldier. The decoy to draw soldiers over to you could easily have been a soldier beckoning another over instead of being exploitative of women.

I will admit the game hasn’t come out yet, so none of this is in stone. But the series has rarely represented female opponents ever (Boss, Wolf, Fortune, Beauties, FROGS), and never as grunts. Kojima’s sexual politics haven’t exactly been encouraging either given that you can sexually assault people in MGS4 with groin grabs.

It’s important that people remember Polygon and its staff are critical of these things because they want gaming to be better and more inclusive; this decoy business is off putting and in bad taste to many.

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I would have been happier if all the decoys were not viewable from the player perspective camera and you had to turn the camera around to the enemy perspective to see the images of women. If nothing else, that would have been a statement at least. (It’s not the case as seen with the ground decoy escape).

And guys: it’s antiquated because it is literally using a woman as an object.

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Like many fundraising projects, it is ambitious. If they succeed, then maybe they can try Finnigan’s Wake

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The infinity stones do allow for rather easy “get the gem” plots like those seen in Guardians or Thor 2; the bigger key to Marvel’s Phase 2 success has been allowing each movie to finally be its own movie. You can see the change in style between the Phase 1 and Phase 2 films pretty clearly. Where in Phase 1, SHIELD brought down movies like Iron Man 2 and Thor 1. Marvel movies are at their best when they let the universe level stuff sit in the background while the characters really dig into their material.

Even with the Infinity Stone fall back, Marvel avoided using it. Arguably the best Phase 2 films, Iron Man 3 and The Winter Soldier don’t include a single reference to an Infinity Stone and instead rely on their character arcs. It isn’t the gems, but their willingness to commit to character. That, plus it helps to have decades of comic material to help prospect the landscape.

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Windows Phone OS needing video games has been the story of its life so far.


You weren’t lying; you really are going to drive us into Madness, Plante.


Did it really take 2.5 years to retread Metal Gear Solid’s half baked meditations on PMCs and war economy?

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