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Actually a little disappoint that it’s another exploration of murder. I’m sure it will be mechanically solid, but I thought they’d go further with “everyday thing but more extreme” like Olli Olli.


You got the pinyin wrong on the first mention of the name, but correct on the second.

Xi Yang Yang.

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Agreed. The term eSport has always felt like it was trying to co opt the respect that the term sports has as though competitive gaming won’t be legitimate or something until it’s treated like sports are. Never mind the legal situation around making gaming a sport (the Title IX implications alone are…. yeesh), but eSport detracts from the real chance that video gaming itself can be taken seriously as a past time.

Not to mention the ever present undercurrent of “Look at me now, family members, I’m still an athlete!” It obfuscates how great gaming can be by itself.

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It’s a complicated issue that I’ve commented on before, but it boils down to this:

Reporting on single studies is irresponsible and should stop. It was wrong of Ben to report on the original racism study as it was a single piece. Although that is more evident of games reinforcing already existing racist attitudes. Scientific study does not “prove”, it supports. It supports theories by way of tests of falsification. The ones who claim proof are suspect.

Meta-analyses, while not exciting, are culminations of research intended to put questions like the ones posed here to rest. Guess what, that’s happened, and the link is simply: “Minor, statistically significant aggressive reinforcement within personalities”. The bigger problem comes when people use the term violence. Violence is a separate concept from aggression. You can be a non-aggressive person and commit violence for instance. The link between aggressiveness and violence is tenuous and has not been researched fully, due to ethical concerns about subject risk.

That said, you’re right. Playing of video games can affect us in myriad ways, just as all media. It can do so positively, negatively, you name it. By making them part of our subjective experience, we internalize ideas that exist within games. A game like COD might have. the chance to enhance eye hand coordination, but it also does so at the expense of exposing oneself to endless murder imagery.

When people are complaining about sexist attitudes, racist attitudes, or aggressive attitudes being reinforced in games, they’re all pointing to the same issue: Games affect us. Our media doesn’t always have positive things in it. We must recognize that and possibly change it. When we consume those things, we are actively making them and all they entail part of their lives. And people should be cautious about what they make a part of themselves.

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