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Resident old guy, loves him some old games!

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I had Daikatana about a year after it’s release, and frankly, who the #$ puts flying bugs in a game and gives you a gun to try and deal with them!?

I didn’t get very far.

Recently picked it up again during a sale from GoG. Installed it and tried it out again. Got a little farther, but those #$ flying bugs were back and that, combined with the guy at the castle/base/outhouse/whatever, kept killing me very quickly.

I’ll try it again, when I’m in a more masochistic mood, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the NES doesn’t do the job….


Heh. I had two computers set up that night; one that had the Y2K patches set up and one that didn’t, I shut them off shortly before 12AM so I could go in and watch the ball drop on TV.

A little bit later I went back online and the main, patched computer was right as rain. The other one….just forced the bios back to April 4, 1980 but otherwise worked fine.


I picked up Wild Arms 1 and 2, plus Double Dragon Neon (already have it for Steam, but….99 CENTS!).

Had to set up a password again because I forgot it…realized I hadn’t bought anything through PSN since Jan. of 2012 o_O.




Conveniently I received a $9 card from Gigabyte/American Express in the mail this morning (a rebate for a motherboard I purchased a couple of weeks ago, so having not purchased anything from PSN since early 2012, I used that card to add $5 to my account.

Bought Wild Arms 1 and 2, as well as Double Dragon Neon (which I already have for Steam, but c’mon, 99 CENTS!). Now to await the download….tick….tick…tick :)


Thanks; this will be the first build with an SSD drive, so I am eager to see how that will work out.


It’ll be like upgrading from a Coby to a Grundig!


As long as they use the crayon they normally use, I don’t have a problem just wiping it off. The tougher ones (where they write it directly on the cart, like on NES/SNES games) I just use a tiny amount of butane on a paper towel or rag and have it off of there with no sweat.

The REAL pain for me is when they decide to write directly on the screen of a flat-screen monitor or on a comic. I can usually (delicately) get the writing off a screen, but the comic cover is usually just ruined if the cover isn’t shiny. Or when it’s an old comic, so they don’t want to write on it; they TAPE a price to the cover instead.

But I learned about using butane when I was having a devil of a time trying to scrub it off of old computer cases and a friend suggested it. My elbow and shoulder thanked him profusely :).

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As some of you may know from my occasional pop-ins here, I’ve been working on getting parts for the next iteration of my Frankenputer. I already have the graphic card (EVGA GTX 750 Ti 2GB) and motherboard and some of the memory. Just made enough money to cover the AMD 8-core proc and an SSD drive. After that will be more memory; want to get it to 16GB.

But I’ve still been on the lookout for stuff at the local thrifts. The stuff above being my latest procurement. I tell you, I didn’t realize that the Sega CD stuff up there were included in some of the units (the one I bought back in 1996 had a Sewer Shark in it).

But I got the Sonic CD, curiously a pink disc label on it (the one I already have is a retail version that has a blue label), a 2 disc set featuring Ecco the Dolphin and a Sega Arcade Classics 5-in-1. I already have a 4-in-1, but this one has not only Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Columns and Golden Axe like that one but it also includes Super Monaco GP.

Sonic CD and the Ecco/Arcade disc were $1.91 USD each; seriously, they look like they were never played.

For the Genesis I got Shanghai II: Dragon’s Eye (Mahjongg game) and FIFA Soccer (Football) 95. FIFA has a manual plus a catalog showing what EA Sports were releasing for the year, and Shanghai II has a manual plus a poster of the design from the box, so you too can show your friends how you REALLY dig Mahjongg.

Those games were 90 cents each.

Also for 90 cents each were the PSX Twisted Metal I and II. The cases are not in great shape but I can replace those.

I’ll still pop in from time to time, and soon it’ll be on a more powerful computer.

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Oh yeah. My first experience with an Odyssey 2 was back around 1982 or 3; one of my elder brothers got one and I got to mess around with it when I was at his house.

I have one of my own now, with The Voice attachment so I can play PT Barnum’s Acrobats and have it insult me while I play :).

Matter of fact, he also introduced me to the Atari 5200, the Commodore 64 and an early IBM computer he was able to write short programs for, all back in the early-mid 80s. Man, if he were alive to see the stuff we have nowadays, he’d have went to town on them…

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Hello. I still pop in occasionally, usually when I find something new but I still come in and look around.

Seeing those kids messing with the old Brick (and a few weeks ago trying to work with an Apple II) can be a hoot :).

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My nephews had a problem a few years back with an Atari 5200 setup they had found, dealing with the (admittedly odd) RF box the unit came with. Ultimately I sent them a picture of the box and showed them how to use it. Don’t know if they ever got it to play though (those controllers were a royal pain; I feel lucky the two controllers I have with mine still work).

Old RF boxes…now THAT would be an interesting thing for the kids on that video to tackle. Give ’em an old Pong system with the hookups, put them in front of a modern flatscreen and tell ’em to show us how to hook it up :).

“Where’s th’ H-uhm, HDMI cable go on this thing?”

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Speaking as a 52 year old geezer myself (and having watched this video last night), I can understand the young’uns’ unfamiliarity (well, most of them anyway) of the Brick. Seriously, even with the 25 years of history behind it, if you have a more modern device like the 3DS or hell, even a GBA SP so you can play the old GB games on, WHY would one want to go back to playing on the pea-green, blurry Game Boy?

I still have one and, even though I played one a ton back in 1993-94 with Link’s Awakening and Nobunaga’s Ambition, I can’t play it more than a few minutes before wanting to go back to the GBASP and the nice, lighted screen with no blur.

Now if the producers really want to have some amusement, put the kids in front of the old Mattel Electronics LED games. The above image is a Mattel Electronics simulation that plugs into the TV and you get a simulation of the 3 main sports titles (Baseball, Football and Basketball).

Yes, now you can play like your parents did in the late 70s….on your TV.

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