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Hi there.

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Hey man! Long time no see! Yeah, it’s a doozie. It starts out kinda sorta almost campy, but then it has moments that make you stop and go

Good stuff is what i’m sayin’.


Their gods are petty, vengeful and wield the biggest ugly stick this side of Valhalla?


Seriously. Can’t. Wanna know how bad i am? I scrapped one of my characters because even tho he looked all right in the editor, he looked like refried barf once in-game when i got a good look. That’s right. I’m not sane.

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Helmet, rotten face or not I STILL KNOW. I can’t leave the damn editor with buttface mcugly. I just can’t.

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Ha! The weapons durability had me worried as hell in the first one — i.e. what the hell is going on i can’t tell if my weapons are degradiiiiiiiiiiing!!!

Call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first), but the inadequate character creation is my main gripe. So ugly. So very, very ugly.


The comments weren’t that bad — it was never horrible, just entirely meh. But a lot of them did echo your take on the game’s overall future. Basically, it’s a potentially promising new franchise once they polish it a bit with a sequel or two.

The proof is in the creeding of the ass sassin’. The first one was absolutely terrible imo, but after a while it became almost tolerable. Yeah, i’m not a fan. But i’m willing to give this a chance — especially if i can get the first one as cheap as a dead parrot.

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Watchdogs, watchdogs… Watch. Dogs. Yeah.

I’m thinking it’s off limits until i can get it for under 20$ (considering the less-than-glowing comments i’ve been getting about it).


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Heyas! Monday, ey? Yeah, i guess i’m down wit dat. Not like i have much of a choice.

So! Dem gaemz. Did i tell ya i went through Wolfenshteiger? I did. It was a blast. Quite the happy surprise that one. And after getting a few games during the steam sale, i settled on… replaying Dark Souls II. Again. BUT! This time it’s on PC so it’s totally different (somehow).

I did start the first one (also on PC), but the moment i bought and loaded up DS2, there was somehow no putting it down. I’ll savor this additional playthrough before getting back to it methinks.

In passing, a couple quick observations on the two games (as i’m relatively new to the games):
- The enemies seem WAY more aggro in DS1
- There are areas that seriously need more bonfires (guess it adds to the challenge)
- The character creation in DS1 sucks, sucks, SUCKS! Seriously, i like me a nice character and it took several tries just to build something that didn’t make me gasp in horror once in-game

And that’s it! Hope you guys are doin good.

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