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I've done paid game testing, a little bit of game developing, Music production, web design, graphic design, and even some paid 3D model design.

But I am a Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Nothing.
Currently self employed with both freelance webdesign, and iOS/Android app creation.

Currently spending my free time trying to create ways to blend the web browser and your desktop almost as easy as CSS. Mostly through rainmeter esque programs (including experimenting with the 'ultimate' rainmeter itself).

I am giving way too much of my personal life away here.

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When the article was first posted it did not have the image.

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I’ll be honest if you dont want to play a broken game…
If you are frustrated with BF4 and paying for a game that was broken and you felt like you payed EA to “play test” and find their bugs and play a broken game….

Why are you paying 20$ to pay a broken game and test their bugs for them??

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So. I have no idea what a Greninja looks like.

I’m hoping it looks like a green ninja though…

(I of course know what Charizard looks like though.)

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If I understand it its not really as bad as everyone is saying.

Hes basically asking to become the lootcrate/magazine subscription of indie games.
Only instead of paying a monthly fee – they are free for everyone. Even people who didnt back the project.

He’s got 2 on the burner and then plans on making more for at least one year.

What I don’t see is how much the backers actually influence the games.

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