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College student that spends a good amount gathering knowledge, useful or not. Play videogames with friends almost everyday and get quite into the stories.

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I want Jigglypuff back.
New character I’d want Chrom or Lucina. Lucina would be better since she is a girl.


Yeah same here. Really Excited.

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Maybe some Dragon Age or Mass Effect? One can hope right?

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Sorry, I meant to ask why you didn’t like DA2.
The areas were not varied but the gameplay was a lot smoother and the story is great.

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There was nothing wrong with DA2, I had a blast and I loved Origins.

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I wish I was your friend, there is always 1 PS4 at the Walmart I go to. Hope you find one soon.


Loved it, just have to wait but that I can do.

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Pretty sure I saw that they anounced that for April.


First thought of King Soloman`s Castle from Magi, then Avatar`s Lionturtles.

Still really stunning architecture from a game of blocks.


The Minish Cap was a very good game and would be great to see a return of it.

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