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I’d like to see Sauron’s origin story someday. That would make a cool videogame…if the story is interesting enough.


Yeah…that was click bait and I fell for it. When Polygon was the new kid on the block, they were MUCH better than this. I wonder when they just started going the Kotaku way.

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And here I thought a gaming site would be a safe heaven from the memories of our shameful defeat last week, since we’re still can’t stop talking about it here in Brazil. Boy, was I wrong. Not cool, Polygon. Not cool.

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Breaking news!! Nintendo has secrets regarding unnounced project!

I’m sorry…I like Polygon, but that’s how I read this article. =P Just because someone from Nintendo opens their mouth to say something publicly, doesn’t mean it’s relevant or newsworthy.


Honestly, If AC games keep the level of quality they’ve had throughout the years, I have 0 problems with it being anual releases. It’s not the same studio doing each game. Several studios works for different cycles to develop these games. You can say not all games in the franchise is amazing, but I honestly don’t think anyone can say a single AC game is a bad game. I had fun with all of them, I love the story, I love exploring each new setting and even though they take liberties with history, I really enjoy all the research and work they do integrating real life stuff with the game.

I don’t usually aprove of milking a franchise, but that is one videogame series that I think a publisher really nailed how to make a game year after year and still deliver a quality product with a lot of new stuff with each iteration.

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