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I happen to actually dislike Steam, but this is a pretty ridiculous assumption. Source of them responding like this to something similar in the past?


I do think gender options in story-based games somewhat hamper the ability to tell a story, though. It depends on the story and game somewhat, but I think one of the more powerful and under-explored opportunities games present us with is the ability to step into another characters shoes and experience events under their identity. Having gender options gets in the way of that.

TO THAT EFFECT, I would also like to see more games with female leads, because stepping into someone’s shoes is only interesting if they’re different from me, and I get to play as a diverse array of people. I’m the opposite of your wife in that I want to experience romance from the opposite gender’s point of view—when appropriate. But I want to see the game designed around it.


That is a very detailed answer. ^ _ ^

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But who tips the waitress $50,000…?


Those sequences were fun though!

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