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How is it NOT relevant? The costume itself does resemble the comic book versions and its not even overly exposed. It doesn’t look like it should belong in a Victoria’s Secret ad.


Brazzers actually attempted to get into competitive gaming at one point though it wasn’t them who initiated it. It started off as a joke by a fighting game player (LI Joe) and it ended up with him getting contacted with one of the PR guys from Brazzers over Twitter. It was going to be a done deal but it deal fell through since the EVO organizers didn’t like the idea of a brand that is associated with porn to also be sponsoring a player.

It’s not like they don’t like porn, but they knew that if they wanted to grow the community, something like that might end up getting focused on some more instead of the games and players themselves. It would have been distracting especially to people outside the fighting game community.


I probably reckon that some preproduction developmental assets we’re also being built around the same time as Bioshock Infinite and they were just waiting for the go signal but it never came to that. Man, I know there are a lot of projects that haven’t been announced that get scrapped but hearing stories like those come to light still sucks.


He loves the original XCOM and he really is a big turn-based, tactical guy. He is also a hidden “super template” character in Enemy Unknown. If you entered his name as one of your squad members, you’d get a character with beefed up stats and unlocked skills but this would also turn off achievements if you do this.


yeeeeeeeeeep…Well, except maybe for P4A which is probably one of the more approachable ones they’ve made in recent memory.

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Works if you’re playing Tekken or Marvel, harder to mash and get similar results (or rather making cool stuff happen on screen) with Street Fighter or other fighting games that have similar mechanics that require precise timing or needs priority linking in order to perform combos properly (and I’m saying this as someone who played more or prefers Tekken over Street Fighter).

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