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I most certainly have 99 problems or more, but having a relationship with an amazing woman isn't one.

Plus I have some money so I can fight the case.

I am young and sometimes I wear my hats quite low but I do not believe I am a mind reader despite what my significant other says.

I don't sell crack either but I believe strongly in Biggie's Ten Commandments; almost with a religious reverence.

I'm from Saint Louis (hence West Side for people who represent) and I love it here despite spending time in large and small intervals, living and visiting larger, diverse, smaller, and otherwise different cities, towns, and countries. In other words, it offends me when people from wherever i.e. NYC, LA, CHI, SF, Vermont etc. speak ill of the Midwest. I live here and I find it to be the only place I would ever wish to stay for a year or more.

I love games and sometimes my love for them feels like a drug habit. That's usually when I'm playing Path of Exile (HGOTY Hidden Gem of the Year IMO) 2013.

Lastly, I find and its many wonderful employees, both freelance and otherwise, to be a beacon of hope in an increasingly (not to mention unfortunately) vapid, vitriolic, and nihilistic community of gaming enthusiasts and journalists. I <3 Polygon :)

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Thank you! I’ve always wondered what the fuss was all about. I have a Mionix NAOS 5000 and it has HALF the dpi of this new guy. I really like the ergonomics of my mouse. I suppose it comes down to whether you’re a claw grip or palm grip person. My next mouse is gonna be the Feenix Nascita. That thing is BAD ASS.


It’s amazing that this sort of thing still happens in our world. What a shame! Also, what a joke that they started with the DEATH PENALTY!!!

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Why would you need so many dpi?

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I’m gonna play the hell out of this game, but damn am I disappointed in the graphical fidelity on PC. In the trailers we were seeing ridiculous particle effects, global illumination, dynamic lightning, advanced post-processing. In this, I see an upscaled version of DS1. From Software disappoints on the tech side again (sigh) Maybe they should get Nixxes to help them out??

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In that video, when the camera goes to broadcast mode at the Giants’ game I swear it looked like I was watching on ESPN. This is what I dreamed about when I played Ken Griffey and All Star Baseball back in the day. AWESOME!!!

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