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Visions of the future in the mid ‘90s weren’t that far off.

There’s a few blind spots, like video phones that were pay phones, and CRTs everywhere, but a lot of it is prescient.

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It’s like Pandora but there’s only like 12 stations and they were all programmed by someone else and you can’t skip stuff.

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No. TV replaced Radio for narrative content.

If TV replaced radio, there’d be no radio. Instead, radio simply changed to a different target. That being, ambient, sound-only content. Music for a large number of stations, but also talk-radio for a large portion as well. The only real overlap is in talk-radio vs. chat shows, but they tend to focus in completely different areas even then, with chat shows using a lot of visual content and talk-radio focusing much more on longer discussions or monologues.

This is what could happen with VR. It may replace or supersede some of the functions of TV, but it won’t and can’t supersede all of them, since there’s not perfect overlap.

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Did I stumble into a deleted scene from Wall-E? Because you’re describing life on the ship in Wall-E.

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This is complete nonsense. Glasses induce fatigue and pain, especially in normal-sighted people.

Maybe as simply a new medium, but they will absolutely not replace TVs in any reasonable sense. Say you have guests over, now your entire system is hosed because you don’t know how many people you’ll have so you can’t possibly know how many head sets to buy.

Then there’s the fact that you can be peripherally engaged with a television, but you cannot be peripherally engaged in VR, you are either doing it or not doing it. The best you could hope for is really good AR where everyone has some reference point to sort of pay attention to, but then why go through the expense and pain of the glasses?

The whole idea is ludicrous.

It’s not the limitations of technology that prevent people from adopting VR, though that helps, it’s the complete lack of the possibility of passive integration. How are you going to have a TV show on while you’re cooking if your TV is a VR headset?

Headphones didn’t and won’t replace speakers.
VR will not replace screens.

They will, at best, simply be another medium, with its own specific usage. It’d be great for planes and car rides and mass transit and all the places headphones are great, basically.

They’re essentially headphones for your eyes, and that’s the niche they’re going to fill.

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