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Because you didn’t take the effort to review the game.

That is not up to the consumer. The creator or vendor has a responsibility to market a product and make the consumer aware of it’s state. If a product is not as advertised it is the vendor’s fault. Not the consumer.

Steam will implement something like I said. Every company does.

Wanna name some?

bq.because most consumers are sheep like you and will buy their PR talk

Excuse me?

That doesn’t mean they’ll give you everything you want like an entitled child

This is consumer law, a citizen of Australia is entitled to a refund if a product was defective or not as advertised. This is not unfair.

You’re attitude is very disturbing. It’s like you’re a walking embodiment of capitalism.

1 reply

Why do you feel like refunds on shit/broken products should be a privilege and not a right?

Why should be have to pay more for the privilege to return a game if it turns out to be broken? What is the cost? Bad game insurance? I do not understand this anti-consumerist attitude you have.

EA for a year now has offered full no-questions asked refunds if you we’re happy with a game. This is how digital products should be handled by any retailer.

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EA has an excellent return policy with Origin.

In fact Origin overall is really good.

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Their policy does violate our consumer law, should have happened years ago.

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Have you heard of Azure and scalable computing?

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The point is to take load off the local machine, server farms can process fuck ton more data than any local machine could ever.

1 reply

Well it makes a few(4 or 5 I think) predictions and sends all the frames, if you fail to do one of the predications, the client can merge the frames to get it as close as possible or a new frame will be sent(causing a lag that would have otherwise existed)

2 replies

Regarding the first part of your post, despite having a physical copy, it’s still a license under the law, you technically don’t own it.

In addition to this cloud computing is a much better setup for gamers and vendors(Assuming the lag issue can be resolved) as any device a user owns can play a game of breathtaking quality greater that what consoles or PCs could ever achieve as devs can devote as much backend hardware resources as the need and aren’t limited by the hardware of the user.

With this technology, I could theoretically start a game on my Xbox, continue playing the exact game with the same quality on my phone the train to work and then again from my Surface in a cafe.

1 reply

It makes a prediction of your next input and sends the frame to you before you make the input.

This theoretically allows for lagfree cloud computed gaming as ping is removed as a factor due to receiving frames ahead of time.


I got an E for $86AUD last Xmas as MSFT had a $100 rebate campaign.
Very easy to find a cheap E or S


Sony has been making overprice proprietary memory cards for ages now, there is no excuse for them not using MicroSD in the Vita

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