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Airmech is a really good game. Very underrated.


To be fair , if you are a fighting game fan , we have so many great games to choose from. King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat , Tekken Tag Tournment , Virtua Fighter 5 , Guitly Gear Xrd , Blazblue CP , Smash Bros , Dead or Alive 5 , Soul Calibur. All of those game are either good to great. This is a great time to be a fighting game fan.


The main thing about fighting games is that it is so much more fun to play with someone next to you. Online is fine , but right next to you can not be matched.


The Blazblue games have an amazing training on the basics to the expert levels of information on fighting games. It will pretty much cover all 2d based fighting games. Skullgirls have a great one as well. Tekken Tag Tournment 2 has a great one for 3D based fighting games that can carry you over to Soul Calibur , Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter games.


You can button mash your way for a round or so. But even good players will figure out that you don’t know what you are doing and just go back to basic block and 2 hit counter attacks to beat you.

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I trust CD Projekt Red so I have faith this will be fun game.

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