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I think what they are referring to is stance that you are supposed to take before one of the matches in the game begins.
Because in pretty much every 2D fighter (including Ultra Game Whose Name Must Not Be Named), the people are always very nervous looking, biceps pulsing and skirts roiling up. Even Juri, the most relaxed character in the game (Dee Jay is not relaxed), is actually furiously typing variations of her name on Google, trying to get a new meal.

So when they say “relax”, I think the game is going to try and be different than what we are used to. You’ll see that most of the fighters are modeled with new 3D real muscles which players can bring to a restful state while waiting for the previous battle to be over.
Juri, of course, will also be in Bandai’s game, and she will be so relaxed that her eye can glow purple and enter Yoshimitsu’s body. She will then let her muscles ‘spring’ and proceed to try to do all of Yoshimitsu’s dances, while inside Yoshimitsu’s body.

Tasty, no?

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Linux usually feels like we’re just free-wheeling, but I can ascertain that I wouldn’t steal from these guys. I mean come on, now you don’t have to reboot anymore!

That is point. Not just getting freebies.

So happy things are going this way. May GoG be a kind and merciful GoG towards all of us.


So what is this? Ringu condensed?

Just jibin’ ya. I remember paying good money to watch this panic attack. People were eating popcorn in the corn—I mean, the Room.

Seriously. Just eating popcorn while someone felt they sorta maybe want to just excuse themselves, and saunter off into ‘the Room’.

And it was fine. It wasn’t a bad thing. They could sit there forever, in that room, because it was a FireProof room.


Ah, okay, gotcha now.

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Wow. Hadn’t checked in a while. Civ 5 and XCOM are available now? Here I thought I was going to be spending the weekend playing Destiny.

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DriveClub is going for a middle road between simulation and arcade; in that respect, it’s more like Codemasters’ Grid series than Gran Turismo or Burnout.

Small typo, think you meant “…Gran Turismo and Forza.”

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Is the Linux release on the same date, or is it deferred?

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