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Well this sounds great.


This works really, really well. Played a couple of matches last night and each game was close and ended up coming down to the wire.

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Would 1080p/60 fps really be accomplished “easily”? Honest question as I know AC4 only runs at 30 fps.

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Probably as good a place to ask this as any: Should I get a PS4 or an Xbone? I should mention that I have a fairly powerful PC and I already own Titanfall on Origin. I’m leaning towards PS4 because I’ve read it’s a bit more powerful and I like the commitment to indies (though just about 100% of the big indie games on PS4 are on PC anyway so it’s not as big of a deal as it might be). The only reason I hesitate is because the Xbone seems to be a bit more ambitious in a lot of ways. I can’t really articulate all of them, but I think they tend to focus on polish in a way Sony doesn’t always (see: 15-20 seconds for icons to load on PS3 after you push the home button). Thoughts?

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Oh boy.

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