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Came to say the same thing! To me he looks like a mix of Jeff Goldbloom and Auron from FFX

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I suppose storyline was a poor choice of words. Archetypes, as you suggested would be more accurate.

It’s just hard for me to look at Destiny and not see Spartans & the Covenant.

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Obviously things may change when we get the full story but I agree that for now it seems that Bungie didn’t try too hard to distance themselves from the Halo storyline. Meaning they didn’t really try at all.

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The original Bioshock. It took me a few years after it came out to pick up a copy but It’s truly unlike any other shooter I was into at the time. I got really into the story and saving the little sister’s as well. The game made me feel like I could customize the gameplay to my needs.

Skyrim. I had Morrowind GOTY on the original Xbox and that was my only experience with an Elder Scrolls game before this one. It was fun, but load times were atrocious and before I could finish the game I killed someone I wasn’t supposed to and it ruined everything so I just kinda gave up. I decided to give Skyrim a try during a Steam sale to see what the hype was about. The sheer amount of things you can do in this game, not to mention the mods on PC, continue to overwhelm and surprise me to this day. I still haven’t finished the main storyline because every time I go to complete a quest, I get distracted by something else along the way and wind up down some other rabbit hole.

The original Kingdom Hearts. My mom got this for my for Christmas one year when the game had first come out. I had heard of it but I wasn’t too interested in a Disney game and my parents didn’t exactly have the best track record when it came to buying me games. But holy crap did this game blow me away. At the time, there was nothing else like it. Before the story got all confusing and convoluted with the sequels, it had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what crossover they’d throw at me next.

Chrono Trigger. So much hype around this game as being the best SNES RPG. Finally picked it up and gave it a try with much skepticism. Blew me away. I still haven’t played an RPG that can top this as my #1.

Walking Dead season 1. The story hit me right in the feels that no other game has been able to do.


The end of Walking Dead Season 1 hit me right in the feels.

Still waiting on all the episodes to come out before I play through Season 2 to know what happens to Clem.

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This is like Sonic’s equivilent to “My Immortal” Or “Half Life: Full life Consquences


I agree with picking Garen in the top lane when you’re starting out.

I’ll just add that what makes him a good champ to learn with is that his skills only rely on cool downs so you’re not having to keep track of mana. To me, it makes buying items a little easier and it’s just one less thing to worry about when you’re new to the game.


Yes, I believe you are the only one. But there’s still time to join us!

I recommend the "Art Walk" or "Outside Toilet" episodes.

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