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Game developer, maker of HEMO RACERS, Apocalypse Later, and I Get This Call Every Day. Formerly a numb meat popsicle.

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Sorry, but NIS’s handling of this situation does denote a poor attitude towards queer people. Here’s why:

- they’re not doing a damned thing to try and fix the situation.

Read that email again. There’s apologies for a miscommunication, but no details of alternatives, no discussion of making it up, paying later, finding the money elsewhere, doing something to raise the funds. Nothing. NIS got a bunch of free promotion from a show that had to beg really hard for any kind of sponsorship at all and now they’ve given up on fulfilling their end of the bargain.

Read Danielle’s original piece on GaymerX that I’ve linked above. Listen to how they describe how differently they were treated as a queer-focused event. This incident with NIS is not isolated. Whether it was an honest mistake or not, NIS is doing nothing to make up for it, and it lines up precisely with the lack of enthusiasm shown for the event by almost everyone they approached for sponsorship.

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