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I have enjoyed my time with it, to frame it up, I love games like Midnight Club and Forza Horizon and even more complex sims too … but I find this is a fun open world experience thats a mix between horizon and midnight club on a larger scale. I really like it.

The beta has 4 cars open at the start, and eludes to “kit cars” where you collect pieces and build, but I haven’t unlocked any more than that at this point. The cars are 3 american muscle cars and a Nissan Z

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Played the beta for about 3 hours last night, its a very different game than I thought. Almost like an open-world RPG in cars. The overall thing that impressed me was that it really fills the void that was missing in my heart because there hasn’t been a new Midnight Club game in a while.

And thats just the way I would explain it. The story, the mechanics, the maps. Imagine that instead of taking place in just Los Angeles, Midnight Club now took place over the entire united states and you could drive freely between cities. All the while doing it with way more social involvement with other players that are on your team.

The first time I just set a marker on the other side of the United States and just started driving, and wasn’t stopped by a load screen or some sort of blocker saying I can’t go to that part of the map … that is the moment I got how fun this game would be with my friends.

It really has been a blast to play, and its filling a void I didn’t even realize I was missing. Overall I have great impressions of this game, and after this BETA, Im now more interested in picking it up.


I bought my PS4 early on, and this white version is still tempting, even though i have enjoyed months of great gaming … I really want that sleek white version.

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Yeah … awesome.


Great post, brings me back memories of the starkly contrasting checker board floor at my local arcade next to this western gem.

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