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If cinemas charged you to go see a film before the CGI was done, maybe this would be a comparison. As it is, what you’re talking about is sales and syndication, which are utterly different business practices.


That’s similar to what happened with Minecraft and the Adventure Update; people liked it how it was before there was hunger and experience, let alone all the crazy new stuff like enchanting, anvils, logic blocks and so on. I tend to agree with them, but I still update it and play a bit every so often.


This just seems like Sony trying to get ahead of the State of Decay MMO and try to eat into the DayZ/Rust market in its infancy. The game looks, frankly, not much better than the other Early access games, and the only real reason anyone cares at all is the PS4 part of the equation.

Plus, kudos to the Rust guys for taking zombies OUT, and trading on their originality. The game was good without them, so they’re gone. In these post-apocalyptic scenarios, radioactive nutcase mutants make far more sense; what I wouldn’t give for a Judge Dredd “Cursed Earth” game…


Actually, having watched the utterly awful interview video Game Talk Live did it does look like DayZ or Rust running in the Planetside 2 engine. With fire.

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If it’s F2P, they may, MAY, have something. But with Fortnite, Rust, and DayZ already existing, they’ll be hard pressed to find themselves a niche unless it’s PS4.


4 games on the Xbox One means it’ll be from a very small pool. Likely Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and some Arcade games.

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