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EVERY POPULAR GAME SUFFERS FROM MILLIONS OF PIRATED VERSION ON EARTH, NOT LIMITED TO CHINA. You can go and ask EA/AB/2K/my dear THQ/Volvo/SEGA/Konami/SE/Nintendo/Sony/M$ or any game publisher “Have your precious products been pirated? Chinese always being the ringleader right?”

If being pirated is a reasonable excuse for such “culturalized” version, the whole gaming world should suffering from Always Online DRM on every platform, every game born with the highest difficulty and thousands of Microtransactions to lower it for a while.

But meanwhile, only China is suffering from such “culturalize”.

Well, I wouldn’t hope you can understand how serious such thing is, because it may never happen to you, PopCap and EA still respect western market and customers and know fear about if it screwed something up, the whole community will be angry, but in China, they can do anything without restraint, there’s a universal excuse for them, like what you said:

“It serves Chinese right”.

If any community manager see this, please delete my account, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


If you are good at Google so much, why not try googling “Plants vs Zombies 2 hack” “Plants vs Zombies 2 cheat” “Plants vs Zombies 2 Unlimited Coins” and see the result?

And I can promise to you: there’s no Chinese involved in such search result, we are basically the same human being with only a bit differences in skin color and mother language.

You think “the facts” is only consist of what he said? I already said such fake 1-star rating never exist, go and check the link by yourself you tell which one of those top grossing apps in China suffers from such “manipulate rating”.

Many of the negative comments with a 1-star rating complained about this

How many can be counted as “many”? Like seven or eight within hundreds of comments? This is what I got in the app’s rating part. MOST players are still blaming the Chinese version for discriminate with a harder game.


I can’t tell if you are incapable of reading or really want to troll me, but I’ll bait, you win.

I ripping on the gameplay to show foreigners like you what a terrible version we Chinese are playing compared to the English version, have you ever played the English version with only five plants available and don’t use any power-ups to judge by yourself? Or you just tolerate PopCap Shanghai to brainwash you before you know anything about the fact?

A game with Plants vs. Zombies name is meant for me, and the original PvZ1 was even meant for my family, my mom have never played any game besides Bejeweled, and she enjoyed the original PvZ1 much, until PopCap Shanghai throw threefold zombies in the Chinese version and ruined the gameplay for her.

And you think I ripped on the gameplay of PvZ1 Chinese version because I don’t like the game and don’t like paying for DLC? No, I ripped on it because I like the game, I paid for the game, so I think Chinese should enjoy the same game like others, not something torturing us by increasing the difficulty.

Let me show you how screwed up the PvZ1 Chinese version is:

This is level 1-3 in English version

Meanwhile in Chinese version, Count and see

With threefold of Zombies, even the early level is bear hard, this is just level 1-9 in Chinese version.

And before Power-ups in PvZ2 ever exist, we Chinese can “enjoy” this by paying ¥1.5($ 0.24) Bonus fact: I paid ¥45($7.2) to buy this game on my iPad. At that time I don’t know there will be such an “update”.

And you think such discriminate can be construed as “this game wasn’t meant for me”?

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