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If they fix their digital content system then this is definitely a Day 1 buy for me. I should be able to own multiple systems and have my purchased games on them. Just limit online access for game playing with my account to one system at a time.

That’s not so difficult.

VC games should cross platforms, I shouldn’t have to rebuy their roms because the platform changed.

I shouldn’t have to call customer support or go through a transfer process with home consoles to transfer content.

My Main Mii and streetpass data and progress should be part of my Nintendo Network ID.

I should be able to leave my 2DS at home and have a new 3DS with me everywhere I go and have access to the same games. Cloud syncing of saves would be delightful as well.

The New 3DS is a stupid name that will confuse people. You already have a precedent Nintendo, called it the 3DSi and 3DSi LL/XL.

See, that’s not so difficult. The 3DSi plays 3DS games and 3DSi games. 3DSi games can’t be expected play in the 3DS or 2DS.

Also, I’m hoping for some more secrets with the new 3DS. If it could double as a GamePad for the Wii U… that would be awesome. Turning the Wii U into a hub console and even as local storage would be great. The Wii allowed for sharing download play games and demos with the DS, extend the home consoles role in the life of the handheld Nintendo.

Allowing the new 3DS to function as a Gamepad would also make having two majorly different sku’s of the Wii U make sense. Wii U Pro for $300 with a game, 64 GB of storage and a GamePad. Wii U without a Game Pad but with 32 GB of storage for $200. We can choose to buy a GamePad for a larger screen and higher resolution screen or the 3DSi so that we can have a unit that is truly portable.

The GamePad has its’ own additional processor and tech that makes the wireless sync with the console possible with very low latency, add that to the 3DSi Nintendo. It makes so much sense and would start to make your ecosystem connect more and make more sense.

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Dave, you captured those early days perfectly. I mean I watched the show a lot as a kid so what you discovered immediately I glossed over because the lore of the world had a much stronger hold on me. I was a kid that didn’t get Pokemon Blue until months after his friends had it. They wouldn’t even let me see how it played, I was having dreams that pokemon was a side scrolling game where you visited forests and towns with one pokemon showing up on the right and you on the left and you would make them fight. It was an odd mix of Kirby, Metroid and Gunstar Heroes.

Congratulations on choosing the right version but the wrong starter – although starting with a Charmander is the most challenging path in the beginning and Bulbasaur the easiest.

I’ve played most of the main series games, I even have X and Y (physical X, got digital Y for free when I bought a 2DS and use Y for my nuzlocke).

I will have to say that X and Y have streamlined a lo but I’m not too fond of it. The main story/adventure just feels weak and I don’t like the main megacity of the game. I great prefer Black 1/2 over it but I am still playing X & Y a bit since you can actually get online with it now.

I’m looking forward to the Sapphire remake. It’s not out yet but technically speaking the core game is only 2 generations beyond what you’ve played now but will add in newer game features without disrupting the core game (if it’s anything like Soul Silver and Heart Gold). I believe that it will be a better, less confusing choice than X & Y will be for someone like you that’s coming from Blue and doesn’t watch the show.

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