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Any word on whether this might come to consoles?

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Vita has a lot of problems with storage and data management, but those aren’t what’s preventing it from selling. No one says “I want a Vita, managing my saves is too difficult.” The problem is that they rarely get to the “I want a Vita” part. It doesn’t have a compelling enough library. Virtually all of its games are ports and indies. I love playing indie games on my Vita, and I buy a lot of them, but that’s literally all I play on it. It has pretty good Japanese support, but for fans of Western games, it’s a desert.

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PS2 didn’t produce a profit? I have a hard time believing that.

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Dead, perhaps, but not worthless. People generally like the GameCube and Wii U (and Xbox and Vita), but all of them are commercial failures.

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It’s been out for longer than the Dreamcast was out, and has sold fewer units. It definitely needs saving.

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