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It’s not inaccurate though. There are multiple different 64-bit Windows OSs. XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 are all separate Windows OSs with 64-bit versions. They may all be part of the same OS family, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are all different OSs.


I’ve run into problems with the Xbox One PSU. I decided to take advantage on Walmart/Best Buy’s $50 off sale and picked up a Titanfall bundle today. After spending half an hour plugging everything in the damn thing didn’t turn on. That’s when I noticed that there was no light coming from the PSU. I went back to Best Buy and exchanged the whole thing for another bundle. The first thing I did with this second bundle after opening it was plug the PSU into the neatest open outlet. A little light went on, thank God. I’m waiting for Titanfall to download as I type this :)

But, yeah, your not the only one to run into a bad Xbox one power supply.

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OP missed the point here with his parody. DoA Beach Volleyball doesn’t let you create your own character as far as I know. It’s not an RPG with a character creator where you are supposed to play as some analogue of yourself, as South Park is. I realize that DoA Beach Volleyball was probably picked as the example here because it’s basically Objectification: The Game, and using such a game as a counter-example to an opinion piece on gender based exclusionism in games is somehow supposed to make the parody comparison funnier, but it really just shows how far off the mark the OP and his supporters are in understanding the original piece.

As a Latin man, I understand where Alexa Ray Corriea was coming from in her opinion piece, as I’ve often felt the same disappointment with games of this nature myself (though obviously from a different viewpoint). RPGs that offer players a blank slate protagonist and a character creator are basically inviting players to insert themselves into the game, and I think it’s safe to assume that most of us end up modeling the player character after ourselves — or some idealized version of ourselves – taller, thinner, etc. ;) — when given the opportunity.

It’s a lot of fun to be able to create a character that looks like you and effectively insert yourself into a game. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when someone feels disappointment at not being able to create a representation of themselves in such a game due to some oversight, purposeful or not.

In my case, it’s usually an issue of skin color. Nothing makes you feel more forgotten than running through a dozen white skin tones followed by a dozen black skin tones and finding no brown skin tones. This doesn’t kill the game for me, but it is a disappointment. One that I’m reminded of whenever I see my character.

Luckily for me, game devs have stepped up when it comes to representation on minorities in character creators at least, so this isn’t really a problem I face often anymore. It’s usually in older games that I find black and white as the only two represented races. And I realize that that is probably because someone made mention on this to the devs. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as it were.

Which is why I understand Ms. Corriea, and why I’m not against her voicing her opinion on the matter; especially since that wheel still needs quite a bit of grease. Representation and exclusion of women is still an issue in modern games.

Of course, one can’t make an opinion on the internet without meeting resistance. And in this case the usual strawman arguments came out.

This is censorship!
No. No one is being censored. Someone is just expressing disappointment.

It’s about the narrative! The authors creative vision! A change would have ruined everything!
In a game where the character is a blank slate, the character’s background is obviously not important to the narrative. Otherwise they would have defined the character as they do in other narrative driven games rather than let the player insert themselves into the game. The narrative in such games already has to be flexible enough to not step on the players toes as is, so bending it a little more to make the game gender neutral would probably not affect the general message of the work (ie. the art part) much, if at all.

South Park is especially eyebrow raising. I have not gone through the whole game, so I do not know if there is any part that explicitly requires the player character to be a boy, but it’s obvious that the character creator was designed to let player create a girl character. That immediately makes me think that the decision to exclude girl characters was probably more due to resource or time constraints than any artistic or narrative prerogative.

But it’s South Park! Boys and girls can’t be friends in South Park!
Stan and Wendy, anyone? Plus, South Park cannon isn’t exactly sacred or unbendable. Accepting a new girl into the group could have been as easy as making a few crude jokes about lesbianism. “Douchebag” becomes “Box Eater” and viola! Crude, but fitting.

You’re just being too sensitive.
Maybe. But there is a representation problem in games, and staying quiet and ignoring the problem won’t fix it. As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. No one is saying the devs need to go and change the game, or that all games need to be changed. The people who speak up are really just saying “hey, maybe next time you’ll remember us and include us as part of your game.” Because, in case you haven’t realized it yet, it kind of sucks to be left out.

The OP and his supporters aren’t getting it. It sucks to be left out in a game otherwise designed to be inclusive and inviting. The arguments for the status quo are hollow. And if people don’t speak up, gaming won’t ever progress.

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I just got my camera today. Went to Fry’s at lunch looking for some cables and they had 4 in stock, just sitting there unnoticed (Fountain Valley Fry’s, if anybody’s interested). Not sure what to do with it though, since I don’t really plan on streaming.

Do any games on the PS4 actually make use of the camera or support PS Move functionality? If not, I might just flip it.

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DS3 also has a gyroscope for sixaxis functionality. I’m guessing it’s the touchpad that’s causing the greatest power drain. Sony should add a sleep timer to it, and maybe an option for devs to shut it off in games that don’t use it.

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Ah, I forgot about wired controllers. I’ve been so spoiled by wireless controllers that I no longer think about them. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend the wired route though. Sure It’s a bit cheaper, but wireless is just so convenient :)

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MS will likely require the use of a proprietary dongle with the XB1 controller, like they do with the 360 controller. And like the 360 controller dongle, the XB1 controller dongle will probably only be sold bundled with a controller. So there’s no point in buying an XB1 controller now, since you will probably have to buy one with the dongle when MS adds official support.

My recommendation: if your not afraid of diving into device manager and manually selecting a device driver (a fairly easy process in all honesty), then I would just buy a knockoff 360 wireless receiver from ebay and use it with one of the controllers you already have. If shipping to your country cost too much, and you have friends or family near where you’re staying in the US then have it shipped to them. Just make sure the seller is from the US first. Shipping within the US takes at most a week, so the dongle might be there by the time you get to the US. Here’s a listing for the dongle from a US seller.

If the knockoff idea is no good for you, then just get one of the official xbox 360 wireless controller/dongle bundles. You can usually find them at any electronics or games store in the US. If it helps, Best Buy price matches Amazon if the item is in stock and is shipped and sold from Amazon, so that might help you save a few bucks.

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