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P.T. killed itself for me. It started out very atmospheric and managed to instill a sense of dread in me. But the game dragged on and the puzziles devolved into “hunt the pixel” affairs that really just served to pull me out of the game. Any fear the game managed to build up disipated, and I was stuck trying to figure out an unintuitive, obtuse puzzle that felt more like a guessing game just because I wanted to finish the damn thing. I hope the final game isnt like that.


Fox, WB, and ABC’s The Disney Afternoon. I didn’t have cable back them, but was still well entertained. X-Men, Batman: the Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Gargoyles, Tale Spin, etc.

I also loved the darker themed, short lived Saturday morning Sonic the Hedgehog series. Though my personal favorite was always Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was so sad when that show got canceled.

What shows were on the cable networks?


You can copy over the bc partition with the right software. I know. I’ve done it.

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Because it’s ridiculous and should be ignored?

This is the first I’ve heard about it, and in all honesty I wish I hadn’t. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you want to quit the internet. Bringing it up just rewards the asshats that do this stuff to get attention. Like posting a serial killer’s manifesto, it just makes the next lunatic looking to wreak havok think it’ll get him what he wants. Polygon, please don’t give credence to this issue by writing about it in a serious manner.

My heart goes out to Quinn. It sad to see that she gets so much hate just for being a woman who makes games and for discussing mental health. She wrote a decent response to it all on her tumblr. Go google it if you are actually interested. That’s all that needs to be said about the issue.


I’m not sure you can really define the re-make/re-release of any game as a “must purchase.” Doubly so when the games being re-released aren’t that old (Last Light was released last year, after all). This holds true for other re-releases as well: GTA 5, The Last of Us, Sleeping Dogs, etc. Good games, but not must-gets, especially if you already own a copy.

Metro 2033 was a good game; I enjoyed playing it a lot. I haven’t played Metro: Last Light yet, so I plan on getting Metro Redux and playing through both games, though I plan on getting it on PC (just personal preference). If you haven’t purchased and played through the Metro games yet then I would recommend getting Metro Redux. You’d be doing yourself a favor :)

If you already own the games though, then you should ask yourself how much value you would get out of buying an HD Remake. Maybe you really like the game and really want to replay it in it’s “Definitive Edition” form. Or maybe it comes with some DLC that you haven’t previously purchased. If it’s worth it to you, then buy it and enjoy.

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Every time I see someone ask this question I realize what they’re really asking is "Will I ever get to play Nintendo games on my Xbox or Playstation?" Maybe they don’t want to buy a second console, or just want to see Mario in SuperHD on their higher speced systems. Whatever the reason, I’m pretty sure the answer is no. Never. Not going to happen.

Nintendo is a proud company, and their oft mentioned stubbornness is a by product of that pride. They have enough money to sustain themselves for another few hardware cycles, and if their consoles continue to fail I can see them exiting the console market to focus solely on handhelds. However, I do not see them ever exiting the hardware market entirely without also exiting gaming in general.

Nintendo is not Sega. I do not think Nintendo would willingly suffer the loss of face of seeing their games on their competitors’ systems. I think that they would rather close the company or return to making toys and playing cards than go 3rd party.

Does that mean Nintendo is doomed? No. There are obviously plenty of people who want to play Nintendo games or we wouldn’t see this question so often. Nintendo does need to change a lot about their company in order to save themselves. Their major issue is a lack of 3rd party support, and if they want to remain competitive they need to follow MS and Sony’s example and start throwing money at 3rd party developers and indies to get them to support their systems. That would go a long way to making the Wii U and it’s successors more successful.

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Happy 25th Birthday to my 16-bit childhood.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first Genesis game I ever played, it came bundled with the system, and holds a special place in my heart. Aladdin, Cool Spot, Earthworm Jim, Vectorman, the Genesis had a cornucopia of great platformers.

I also played a lot of Super Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat 1, 2, & 3, Pit Fighter, and NFL ’94 with my brother. 2-player games were a must in a 2 child household ;)

My favorite game of the Genesis era was probably Comix Zone though. Great art, great story, great soundtrack, and great gameplay. Where’s the HD remake of that game, Sega?


Seriously. All throughout the Tomb Raider portion of the presentation the speakers never uttered the word “exclusive” with out a “Holiday 2015” popping up somewhere in the same sentence. The phrase “exclusive, in Holiday 2015” was repeated way too often for it not to be meaningful.

I took it to mean that the exclusivity deal would probably be shorter than usual. Maybe only lasting the 3 months of the Holiday season, instead of the usual 6-12 month exclusivity period. PS4 and PC gamers will probably get the game far sooner than expected.


Willing to bet this is a timed exclusive. Sad that it affects the PC version as well. But I have a long backlog anyway, and as long as I’m playing the waiting game I might as well really play it. Don’t worry Crystal Dynamics, I’ve got about $5 for you when this game’s GOTY/Complete edition hits a Steam sale some time in 2017.

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I call BS on that. A good number of the games you listed run on or are being developed for last gen hardware as well, and the Wii U is at least as powerful as the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s not the hardware that’s keeping 3rd parties off of the Wii U.

Nintendo has done a horrible job of courting 3rd party developers these last few years, to the point where both gamers and developers view Nintendo consoles as being for Nintendo games only. If the 3rd parties felt that they could profit off of releasing games on Nintendo platforms they would do so in a second, and would gladly scale back future games to run on the Wii U if they felt that the profits would be large enough to justify the effort. The hardware specs don’t play into it.

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My brother got his XBLA account hacked. He wasn’t on any social networks at the time. This was a poor excuse by Microsoft and you shouldn’t believe it just because you enjoy their products.

If I remember correctly, there was a flaw in the log in page of or some other related site that hackers could exploit to find passwords using brute force. Once that hole was patched, the number of reported XBLA hacks diminished.

At least Sony owned up to it’s security breach. Then again, it kind of had to.

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I got a letter from Target after that incident. I believe they did offer a year of identity theft protection as well. Not defense or attack of either company’s response; just setting the record straight.

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