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My brother got his XBLA account hacked. He wasn’t on any social networks at the time. This was a poor excuse by Microsoft and you shouldn’t believe it just because you enjoy their products.

If I remember correctly, there was a flaw in the log in page of or some other related site that hackers could exploit to find passwords using brute force. Once that hole was patched, the number of reported XBLA hacks diminished.

At least Sony owned up to it’s security breach. Then again, it kind of had to.

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I got a letter from Target after that incident. I believe they did offer a year of identity theft protection as well. Not defense or attack of either company’s response; just setting the record straight.

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They probably were whipped into working so much. No one works 16 hour days, 7 days a week, for 5 months out of passion alone. Passion isn’t enough to stop you from taking time off for rest or for spending time with your family. Passion just keeps you from quitting when your employers are effectively abusing you.

It’s a sad truth in the game industry that employers use developers’ passion for games to take advantage of them.

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It’s not. Having been through a crunch I can tell you that the quality of work continuously drops the longer you spend crunching. There is an initial burst of increased productivity, but after a few weeks everyone is too tired to do their best work. Code takes longer to write than it should and comes out buggier as your problem solving skills and ability to catch mistakes deteriorates.

Sadly, there is a mindset in the industry that believes money can be saved by shortening production cycles and forcing employees to work absurd amounts of (often unpaid) overtime instead.

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What do you mean by “gritty” and “mature?”

I’m assuming you mean “not a fantasy setting” and “non-cartoony art style,” but whenever someone says “gritty” I always associate that with “next – gen brown” modern warfare style military shooters.

To me, it kind of sound like you’re asking for something along the lines of “Call of Duty: Heroes.”

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It’s sad that people don’t know relatively recent history. It would be sadder still if that was actually Activision’s defence.

“Your honor, this case should be dismissed because our players are dunces.”

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