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In the UK, they were known as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle because “ninja” was too violent for children. They didn’t censor the show, just edited the word.


No, credit song from the FIRST MOVIE was Partners in Kryme. Why didn’t you read the comment you replied to?

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RIP in peace in pieces resting

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Unless it is Thor Girl, who takes up Mjolnir and assumes the title of Thor. There’s also Valkyrie. You don’t know it isn’t. A lot of sources are saying it’s Angela, but no sense in changing her hair color.

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Holy shit, you’re right. I just realized that we can easily just exclude women in anything we want by writing “He” on things.

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Thor Odinson. You’re getting hung up on the difference between a personal name and a title. The woman who holds Mjolnir will possess the power of Thor, and she will assume the title of Thor. They’re doing this because of the same reason they renamed Carol Danvers to Captain Marvel, instead of Ms. Marvel. Giving her a gendered name implies there is a masculine that she relies on, or is borrowing from. A genderless title makes it independent.

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”. It’s on the tin.

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The View is on ABC. ABC is owned by Disney. Marvel is owned by Disney. Disney wanted the news to be relayed by a source relevant to the theme to reach the intended demographic.

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Do you need a hug? Because it seems like you’re taking your own problems out on a faceless article.

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