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And had they not disclosed it, people would complain when they find out. I hate people that just look for things to bitch about.

On topic: I live in Raleigh, will be checking this place out!

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I played ps3 a lot. But the last 6 months before ps4 launched, I couldn’t make myself buy a ps3 game when I knew ps4 was coming. So I’ll get to play Last of Us on ps4 for the first time in a couple weeks. I don’t mind this a bit.

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Isn’t sticking $20 bucks in your sock drawer a few times before the game releases and then buying it when it’s released, the same as paying it off over time?

That sounds more like a way to justify your poor money management skills than to justify pre-ordering. Just saying.

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This. And also, the guys are sexualized as well. Probably not to the same degree. But the only reason my girl friend went with me to see this is because she thinks Mark Wahlberg is hot.

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Not you sorry, it just triggered my annoyance with the Internet comments regarding this recently. Pretty much any Internet comment on an article about the transformers movies in the last couple years is filled with some variation of “f*** Michael Bay”. But thats obviously the vocal minority, as someone is going to see these movies.

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I’m honestly pretty tired of all the “Bay Sucks” “Transformers are so bad” comments and articles. I love deep, introspective movies and well written dialog heavy movies as well.

But honestly if you can’t go into Transformers and just have fun for 2 hours I feel sorry for you. If i had told your 10 year old self you were going to get a bad ass live action version of Transformers at some point you’d be ecstatic.

Also, why does everyone pretend the Transformers cartoons are some Holy grail of story telling. They were just as much gibberish as today’s movies are. But for some reason people complain that their movie based on a child hood cartoon about aliens transforming into cars should have Shakespeare level story all of a sudden. Gtfo.

Every needs to relax and take things less seriously.

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