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The little brass numbers on the solid walnut base.

This looks like a board game 47 himself would play in his spare time.

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It pains me to say this, to admit that my attention is so easily, superficially swayed, but I clicked on this story specifically because of the tennis girl in the screenshot, who, upon closer inspection, actually appears to have rather weird proportions and is probably not an in-game model.


I’m looking forward to seeing how Kinect 2 can make a tennis game more immersive than Kinect 1.


Believe me, I wouldn’t have watched the whole thing if I hadn’t.

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Yep. Amazing CG, very faithful art direction, and honestly, the acting isn’t even bad; it’s just that the screenplay appears to have been written by a 13-year-old boy, or maybe an action choreographer’s inner 13-year-old.

Girl is kidnapped by villain! Guy is on the way! He fights the guards! Final showdown! And because we’re going to be artsy today, dream sequence! Cut back, cut to credits!

Lest we forget what a good sci-fi short can be like, I’d like to throw out the atmospheric, father-daughter drama “Prospect” (that even has fight scenes too): https://vimeo.com/90049558


I’m really hoping you can walk around Wicker Park and pull up hilarious personal details on passing hipsters.

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I’m actually most curious to see how they’ve stylized and abbreviated things (presumably to make the game more fun than driving around real Chicago, which can be slow).

Like the Marina Towers… The Watch Dogs version has about half as many levels of parking garage as the real thing. I don’t think that’s an accident; it’s just their stylized version of it.

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