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Currently work for AT&T, but all posts and content generated from this account are my personal opinion and are not associated with the company.

I'm a dad, gamer, and Nintendo apologist. Feel free to add me on the gaming network of your choice (primarily use Wii U/3DS, Steam, and most recently PS Vita).

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Well another good way to look at it is consumer mindset. Some of the comments I found in those other threads mentioned that Nintendo has done a good job of setting precedent with their software. Basically consumers are conditioned from experience to know Nintendo software value stays flat versus dipping lower after years on the market.

It’s a valid observation. I think the only “weird” aspect about it is how it compares to software from other companies, especially factoring in Steam seasonal sales and Black Friday holiday pricing. Nintendo is atypical as a company in a lot of regards, and this is one of them.


That’s the problem though. Here is what you said:

The Vita devices should just be smarphones with physical controls.

The Xperia play is a smartphone first and foremost. If people want a standalone gaming device they would actually get a Vita or 3DS like we are all saying. If they get a hybrid like you suggested, it cannot look like a Vita or 3DS. It has to be appealing enough to be a smartphone to the average consumer. How can you expect them to sell a phone with joysticks and triggers all over it? Nobody would hold that up to their face to carry on a voice call. You’d end up with the below. Remember how well it did?

At the end of the day they have to make a sell-able product, and I think the Xperia was a much better attempt than a full gaming handheld with voice calling slapped on would.


Yeah that is another part I can’t understand would seem like a good idea. If everyone who is waiting for their potential turn, or alternatively if they lost their turn already, was just staring at the current player with the option to make their lives miserable by flooding the game with traps or monsters, then that probably won’t end well. I agree it could be very troll friendly.

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That looks more like an “oh crap everyone knows already” statement to save face rather than an explanation.

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Assuming he really did not do anything wrong (like breach contract or violate company policy), then the only reason I can think of for him to be fired is he cost too much now. It’s almost like in football (NFL) where being a veteran with years of experience and huge contributions to your team just means you cost too much to retain as the years past.

It’s a shame and very shrewd, but if it is the case he may not find work all that easily. I don’t know many places that are willing to shell out a ton of money for the music and voice direction (sadly). He may be relegated to contract work, but hopefully not.


I am with the people saying Platinum characters. I honestly would be shocked if neither Bayonetta nor any of the Wonderful 101 showed up. Nintendo has to include one of them I suspect.


The game is currently slated to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in late 2015.

Anyone else think almost two years is probably too far out to announce a game? For one, if I am excited, then I am doomed to a near eternity in gamer terms of waiting, which kills hype. For two, there is no way this far out to guarantee a playable product ever gets released.

Just seems too far out to even be a thing at this point. Maybe it is just me though.

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I don’t get why people try this hard to be different. I commend them for thinking outside of the box, but, and forgive me for being blunt, this sounds like a terrible idea. The reason I play games is so that I can learn the system and mechanics, hopefully improve until I am good enough to complete the game on some level, and feel a sense of accomplishment when I am done. Obviously if the game is bad or the content is off-putting, then learning that system becomes a chore, and I am less likely to put the time into it but I digress….

Suppose I get my one turn on this game, one of my kids distracts me when it comes up, and I blow it. Too bad, the game is over. Why would I care how well or how poorly everyone else does if that sense of accomplishment is spoiled by a one strike mechanic that prohibits improvement? I don’t see the appeal in that, and I think this is the best example yet of “not a game” games. I don’t think it can be a game if there is no way to learn and improve your approach to it.


Spyro is owned by Activision and tied directly to Skylanders. There is no way they are letting him go even if the Skylanders brand has outgrown him.

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Erm you know they tried that already and it bombed right? They called it the Sony Xperia Play, and it featured the Playstation Mobile ecosystem, which has since been mostly relegated to a corner lot on the PSN store. It’s a great argument if it had not already been tried and failed. It is even Android based like you suggested.


I have way more 3DS games than Vita, and a lot of it is digital content on both fronts. I don’t think the objective of the discussion is to knock 3DS as much as it is to ask why Vita is lagging. Both systems have potential, but the Vita is unrealized potential due to all the barriers to success.

As I said above, cost is the primary barrier in my opinion. 64GB Vita memory card on Amazon right now is $109. Same capacity standardized SD card from multiple manufacturers is under $40. I cannot fathom how Sony cannot see something that simple and not fix it.

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The one thing they have to fix with Vita is the price of the proprietary memory cards. It is stupid how much Sony wants us to pay to expand memory, a necessity given the amount of free content for Vita, especially if you have a PS+ account. The fact that it forces proprietary memory on us at all in 2014 is ridiculous.

I don’t think it needs saving the way Dreamcast or something similar did, but it does have some problems holding it back that need to be fixed.


If they could just unabashedly rip off Animal Crossing and bring their own version to Vita, I would be so freakin’ happy.

Erm good to see some people support that type of behavior still…

Also this statement is pretty inaccurate or at least exaggerated:

The 3DS is the only device that I use that has a resistive touchscreen where I have to “jab” the screen to have it acknowledged.

I have to believe you were exaggerating to make a point about the screen being resistive versus capacitive. My 2 year old has no issues at all interacting with the original DS, which also has a resistive screen (a much older one at that), and my 4 year old can maneuver his 3DS without difficulty either. If you are honestly having that much trouble “jabbing” your screen, you may have a bad screen. I don’t think that is the experience the rest of us are having.

Besides at the end of the day resistive screens are two things that capacitive are not: cheap and durable. Nintendo has always had that as priorities on their hardware.


It’s a lot more cost effective to look for retailer deals than to wait for Nintendo. Stuff like the regular buy one get one 40% deal at Toys R Us or buy two get one free at Target. I usually try to take advantage of those. Amazon will sometimes have a good discount pre-order price for some Nintendo titles too (like $5 off MSRP for pre-orders or pre-order a specific game and get $10 gift card back).

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Reggie has talked about this before. The reason why Nintendo games never drop in value is because they are better games. They continue to sell at full price for ages. GameStop trade-in values are constantly much higher for Nintendo first party titles than any other publisher because fewer people are willing to trade them in.

Not to mention they are not annualized like a CoD or Madden. Each is a unique title. I just traded in a 10 year old Pokemon game and Mario Kart Wii earlier this year and got over $50 back as examples.

This is definitely not a new conversation though: Giant Bomb, IGN, Gamespot, GameFAQs etc etc etc

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