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Currently work for AT&T, but all posts and content generated from this account are my personal opinion and are not associated with the company.

I'm a dad, gamer, and Nintendo apologist. Feel free to add me on the gaming network of your choice (primarily use Wii U/3DS, Steam, and most recently PS Vita).

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Came to post this. If there is a big outcry among the community to have this event, then an annualized Kickstarter to fund the yearly event would probably find success.


It wasn’t a comparison so much as a justification. My point was if fictional characters were all brilliant, there would be nothing for us to experience. I’d argue in a video game they have to be explicitly dumbed down just by the simple fact that you are responsible for them, and in certain games the devs or director may want to even prevent you from getting ahead of the game as it tells its story.

Honestly I didn’t think it was as terrible as you guys are making it out to be, but I can understand your opinion. I think it may be a more glaring issue for you because it rubbed you the wrong way and as a result stuck with you more than other aspects of it. I didn’t walk away from Bravely Default saying "man, these guys are dumb." The positives stuck out to me more than the negative. I might have thought to myself it was obvious where we needed to go despite the characters being aloof, but it didn’t stick out enough to where it drove me a little crazy.


Tom Hardy is British and Charlize Theron is South African. Where were the American accents?


+1 for Tom Hardy. I think he will be great in it and did not previously realize he was connected to this film.

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I mean they are literally stupid, and can’t seem to pick up on the most obvious of hints until it’s too late.

I don’t think that is fair as a judgment of a fictional character in an interactive story. How many horror movies have characters who do exactly the wrong thing? My wife watches a show called Pretty Little Liars where this group of girls are continuously hounded by some unknown assailant called ‘A.’ I asked her why don’t they just move, since you know people have been killed or are constantly being stalked. The answer is there would not be a show if they did the intelligent thing.

Sometimes our favorite characters have to be obtuse for us to keep going unfortunately. I know sometimes those characters might be a little too stupid, but I still argue they can’t be brilliant because that would be boring for us.

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Like others have said (and as discussed here on previous Bravely Default articles) the game is successful because it is pretty darn great. I think in a lot of ways Bravely Default is more Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy has been in the last few installments. I’m looking forward to the sequel, which I am glad it looks like we are getting a lot faster than the original.

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I had the exact same thought. Gal Gadot is Israeli. Any trip to Google will tell you that. The “white woman” comment reads very derogatory to me. Would it have been better for everyone if they made Wonder Woman black or Hispanic or Asian just to say “hey she’s not white!” They could have easily shoehorned someone like Jessica Biel into the role if they really wanted “just another white girl.”


I actually think it may be a Nintendo move. Nintendo was using the last version of Skylanders to actually sell Wii U console bundles. This may be an alternative strategy they approached Activision about, basically saying “hey no matter what people buy, can you help us ensure everyone gets the Wii U version?” Nintendo may have even contributed some money to make it happen.

Just an alternative thought. It actually makes a lot of sense to buy the Wii version though, since those tend to go on sale faster these days.


This thread hit me right in the feels. The content just overwhelms me with nostalgia, and I am not even in the photos. I really wish I had access to my old family photo books so that I could contribute to this, but they are in another state. I now know how Mario feels after being in the wrong castle so many times.

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With Telltale taking on all these extra franchises and seasons it makes me wonder if season two of The Wolf Among Us will ever happen. That’s what I really need.


Was going to post the same. Literally my favorite arcade game of all time. My uncle and I used to burn through quarters at Celebration Station playing this, and then I found a used copy for SNES at an old, now defunct music store (think it was called Sound Warehouse). Great memories!

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