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Currently work for AT&T, but all posts and content generated from this account are my personal opinion and are not associated with the company.

I'm a dad, gamer, and Nintendo apologist. Feel free to add me on the gaming network of your choice (primarily use Wii U/3DS, Steam, and most recently PS Vita).

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I think they had to be. The McElroy boys did an E3 video and received tissues from a woman in costume. I am guessing it was the same tissues that doomquasar mentioned.


I want to thank Polygon again for supporting us parental gamers with these articles. Ironically I just bought Diablo 3 + Reaper of Souls on PC this weekend (it’s on sale at Best Buy and Target and Wal-Mart price match!).

I have 3 kids and my wife is pregnant with our fourth. Finding time to game, especially since my wife is decidedly not a gamer, is difficult. I sleep way less than I should because the biggest chunk of game time I have is when everyone else goes to bed, namely 9pm – 2am. I work full-time, so going to 2am is not a regular occurrence. I had a multitude of issues playing Pandora Saga a few years ago regularly (short lived Atlus Online MMORPG). Fortunately I had a very considerate guild that never got mad when their tank had to AFK suddenly. I cannot overstate how great it is to find a community that will not abandon you cause of sudden disappearances.

Being able to pause is great of course, and those types of games are easier to play. I am definitely addicted to Hearthstone as well, and the great part about Hearthstone is not just that it gives you breaks but also it is safe for kids to watch. Diablo 3 not so much on being safe to watch. I think the best thing to do to get game time in during the day and include families in it is to find titles everyone can enjoy (stuff like Shovel Knight or DuckTales Remastered and Mario Kart). At the end of the day I have easy to put down/pausable or late night games I play myself in addition to family friendly games I can enjoy with my kids.

I think consoles and developers to a certain extent understand the need for these features, but I can’t get too upset when they leave them out. I just have to be more aware of my own limitations when I evaluate whether I can play a certain game. That actually allows me to buy fewer mediocre games and save a little money in the process.


Think of your life in the future. You will be old and alone and doing the pissing, puking, crying, and screaming by yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a family of grown ups in their prime who deeply and genuinely care about your well being helping you through the twilight years?

Having kids is a journey. It starts out rough with a lot of sleepless nights, but in return you get the endless reward of seeing someone grow up and have their own successes.

Plus hey somebody’s kid may cure cancer one day.


I’m almost surprised people are complaining about this. Only reason I am not surprised is because all humans, myself included, find a way to complain about everything haha.

From my perspective though a $12 bundle of legitimately entertaining content 6 months after release versus a $15 FPS map pack or a Season Pass advertised before a game is released (and before the content is even detailed usually) is a great offer.


It’s new characters, new carts, and news tracks (a lot of all of those by the way) for $12 being delivered to a complete game that people already enjoy. If there is going to be DLC, this is the type I want.

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