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Currently work for AT&T, but all posts and content generated from this account are my personal opinion and are not associated with the company.

I'm a dad, gamer, and Nintendo apologist. Feel free to add me on the gaming network of your choice (primarily use Wii U/3DS, Steam, and most recently PS Vita).

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Where’d you guys get $4.99 from? In the US it is $6.99 per wing unless bought in a bundle. A lot of people have been complaining because it is more cost effective to use in game gold on card packs than it is wings of Naxxramas (700 gold gets you 7 packs of cards in game, but paying for 7 packs is actually $9.99 with real cash).


Just realized lethal was missed twice. You were aware of it against Maexxna, but nobody said anything against Faerlina.

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This was driving me nuts. I rewatched it twice because I know Phil is better at this game than I am haha. Proves it is hard to stream and focus on a strategy card game.


I’m sure if Nintendo also had zero concern for copyright and IP ownership laws, then they would go a little nuts with the characters too. How about Mickey Mouse in Smash Bros? Maybe Tom and Jerry? The sky is the limit when you have no rules right?


It is misleading if you clicked based on title:

Dota 2 champs will be paid way more than Super Bowl, World Series winners

Just checking the Seattle Seahawks, last season’s Super Bowl Champions. The lowest paid player made a base salary of $288k. The highest player made a base salary of $8.5 million. Source here. I think a more accurate title would read "Dota 2 champs will be paid more than some Super Bowl, World Series players." It’s disingenuous to say a team of several people splitting a few million dollars only after winning an extensive tournament is comparable to sports that dole out millions in base salary yearly to even low tier players.

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By that logic the Wii is the biggest install base ever for Nintendo. Let’s keep making SD games with waggle controls.

That is terrible logic for another reason. How are any new consoles supposed to cultivate an install base if the manufacturer never makes any games for it?

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Nintendo has proven repeatedly they don’t really deliver the same game across their two primary consoles. Smash Bros is on both but is a different game on both (different levels, modes, graphical elements). Nintendo is always very directed. They want to get to a state where the operating system and environment matches across platforms, but until they are there that won’t change.

I think people get tired of "why is this on Wii U?" because regardless of the logic, the same question keeps getting asked as the Wii U gets more popular. It is a ridiculous question to begin with because the answer can always be "because Nintendo is making it that way." Why do they need to explain that to everyone? A company shouldn’t have to justify making a great game for its primary home console.

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Probably because Nintendo is making it, and they want it that way. Why should they have to explain their development process and target hardware repeatedly?


That’s assuming you spend any real money at all. As a free to play game, the highest value is in not paying anything.

I decided to show some monetary support and bought a 7 pack of cards a week before they announced the pricing of the wings. I wish I would have saved that money instead for wing payment because as you mentioned it makes more since if you are spending real world dollars.

If you’re not though the best value is gold grinding for everything (or Arena wins if you are not terrible at it like I am).

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Update: Bloomberg reports that, since the game’s June 25 release, Glu Mobile’s sock has risen 42 percent.

Haha what? Funny place to misspell stock.

Seriously though, this is just terrible. When I saw this featured on the Google Play storefront, I was very upset knowing how much money it was going to make. Oh well.

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I waited until the first four episodes were out during the Steam Summer Sale, so I didn’t have that long to wait until the finale. I did the same with The Walking Dead Season 1. With Telltale, you might as well consider the game “early access” until the full product is released. Plus it’s usually cheaper when that happens too (The Wolf Among Us for example was deal of the week when episode five launched at 50% off).


Fair enough. It would be interesting to see who owns the rights to that persona at the very least. Shoot Dave might have even thought it would be a cool tribute.

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