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Currently work for AT&T, but all posts and content generated from this account are my personal opinion and are not associated with the company.

I'm a dad, gamer, and Nintendo apologist. Feel free to add me on the gaming network of your choice (primarily use Wii U/3DS, Steam, and most recently PS Vita).

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Yeah I agree with this sentiment. I did a Wii-mote refresh at Christmas (got rid of my old Wii-mote plus attachments and replaced the old standard Wii-motes with Mario, Luigi, regular blue, and regular pink ones), but I have to say that Yoshi model is super nice.


You are not alone. I had high hopes for Muramasa myself (never got a chance to play it but enjoyed Odin Sphere on PS2). Might have to just get it if I can find a good sale somewhere.


Yeah like Ostrake I’d like you to list what you believe are copies. I didn’t know Nintendo copied the Game Boy player or link cables. I wasn’t aware they copied motion control or touch screen/off screen dual chip hardware. I don’t remember anyone doing rumble before them or the power pad or R.O.B. Also don’t recall anyone doing Virtual Boy before them. I didn’t count unreleased stuff, but I could have mentioned the vitality sensor too alongside the fitness/motion equipment. Bongo controllers seemed unique to me at the time, but you may claim since music is involved it is a copy of something associated to music. Nintendo’s expansion pack was only necessary because of the tech they used, so that was not replicated anywhere else to my knowledge either.

I like how you listed one thing though and wrote off my whole post.


I’ve wised up on the Skylanders front. I bought the $75 starter packs the first two years and dozens of full priced figures, but this year I waited patiently and got the starter pack for $35. If Wal-Mart wants to be cutthroat with its pricing around the holidays (and after since Skylanders have been on sale everywhere for the past couple of weeks), then we’ll keep playing. For $35 Swapforce is a steal. It is easily the best game in the series to date, and if they get better, I would not mind continuing to support the franchise.

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I can’t help but feel like this article is slighting Nintendo by ignoring them. What about DK Bongo controllers, rumble paks, Game Boy connect cables, Game Boy players, Wave Bird, expansion packs, light guns, running pads, gloves, R.O.B., etc.

Shoot the Wii and Wii U alone have the Wii wheel, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Pro Controller, Wii motes, Game Pad, Nunchuks, Link’s Crossbow Training, sports and lightsaber shaped handles, a paintbrush handle for Epic Mickey, Wii Fit monitor, balance board, etc.

Not sure how Dreamcast earned the "golden age of peripherals" title when Nintendo is the undisputed king of add-ons.


You guys are killing me. I love NES Remix, but I also concur with you making fun of me for loving it. xD


I can’t seem to get myself into wanting this game. I played Terraria and eventually got bored of Terraria. Either I am missing something critical or this looks a whole lot like Terraria with space travel added.

Besides my backlog is already unstoppable. Adding an “infinite” game seems like a bad idea.


You may be right. This didn’t generate a lot of discussion, but Hex Heroes is close to making its goal in the final 24 hours. The community has been pretty supportive of something new on Wii U, and I have seen a couple of other campaigns push through that have had Wii U support.

I think it is worth noting that the support Nintendo has for Unity on Wii U makes porting any Unity based games pretty low risk. That has to be making strides in the Indie community as well. I doubt anyone is against additional digital shelf space for low cost.

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You were definitely right!

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I jumped in. Told myself the first significant sale I see I would bite on, and well this is it. Happy Titan dropping, everyone!

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No problem, I just had no idea why my comment was the one you jumped on haha.

Seriously though, I can see how there would be a market for this type of experimentation, but in my mind the market is probably pretty small. Just feels like one of those things most people would write off as too experimental. I just don’t see the value in one strike gameplay.

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